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Statista dossier on the Premier League

Table of contents

    • Revenue of the 'Big Five' European soccer leagues 1996-2022

    • Revenue of the top European soccer leagues (Big Five) 2006-2022

    • Brand value of top soccer clubs worldwide 2021

    • Leading football clubs ranked by revenue in Europe 2020/21

    • Average attendance "Big Five" European soccer leagues 1996/97-2021/22

    • Revenue of the Premier League by stream 2014-2021

    • Premier League media rights deals 2007-2025

    • Brand value of Premier League (England) football teams 2021

    • Jersey kit sponsorships in the Premier League by club 2021/22

    • Premier League shirt sponsorships 2020-2022, by type

    • England: estimated annual broadcasting rights fees of the Premier League 2009-2022

    • Premier League total broadcasting payments to clubs 2010-2021

    • Premier League broadcasting payments to clubs 2020/21

    • UK Premier League fans who watched selected TV channels in the last month 2021

    • Premier League club websites with highest SEO visibility as of 2019

    • Capacity of Premier League stadiums 2021/22

    • Total aggregate attendance English Premier League 2021/22

    • Average per game attendance English Premier League 2010-2022

    • Barclays Premier League clubs ranked by average attendance 2021/22

    • Premier League clubs by most expensive season ticket 2022/23

    • Premier League clubs by cheapest season ticket 2022/23

    • Favourite Premier League club in England 2021

    • Popular Premier League clubs in the UK 2021

    • Share of Premier League fans in the UK by age 2021

    • Public opinion on who will win the English Premier League 2021/22

    • Top club fan opinion on Premier League winner 2021/22

    • Presence of racism in English soccer 2021

    • Most Premier League (EPL) titles 1889-2022

    • British soccer teams with most League Cup titles 2022

    • British soccer teams with multiple FA Cup titles 2022

    • Premier League soccer clubs' spending on transfer fees 2012-2021

    • Leading Premier League goalscorers 2021/22

    • Transfer spending of Premier League clubs, January transfer window 2006-2022

    • English Premier League: average first-team player pay per year in the UK in 2021/22

    • Top ten transfer fees of the Premier League in the United Kingdom as of 2022

    • Top ten received transfer fees of the Premier League in the United Kingdom as of 2022

    • Top ten team market values of the Premier League in the UK from 2011 to 2022

    • Revenues and wage costs of Premier League clubs in England 2017-20

    • Revenues and wage costs of Premier League clubs in England 2020, by club

    • UK football clubs finance survey: current financial health as of 2019, by league

    • Europe: clubs in English Premier League 2019, by financial concern

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