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Statista dossier on sports sponsorship

The Statista Dossier on sports sponsorship presents a variety of statistics about the worldwide sponsorship market as well as the industry in North America. The dossier also provides more detailed statistics about the sponsorship of some of the world's biggest sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, as well as information on the sponsorship of European football clubs.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Total revenue sports market worldwide 2005-2017

    • Sponsorship spending worldwide 2007-2017

    • Spending on sponsorships worldwide by region 2009-2017

    • Revenue from sponsorships in sports worldwide 2015

    • Sports sponsorship revenue worldwide by region 2015

    • Global spending on golf sponsorships 2010-2016

    • Global spending on tennis sponsorships 2010-2016

    • Global spending on motorsports sponsorships 2011-2017

    • Global spending on endurance sports sponsorships 2011-2016

  • 2. Sports brands
    • Most valuable sports business companies worldwide 2016

    • Most valuable sport event brands worldwide 2016

    • Most valuable sport team brands worldwide 2016

    • Total brand value major sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL) 2013

    • Brand value of top football clubs worldwide 2017

    • Brand value of Premier League (England) football teams 2017

  • 3. North America - pro sports leagues
    • Sponsorship spending in North America by property type 2009-2017

    • Sports sponsorship spending in North America 2009-2017

    • Revenue from sponsorship in sports in North America 2006-2020

    • Growth of advertising, sales promotion & sponsoring spending in N. America 2010-2017

    • NFL league/team sponsorship revenue 2010-2016

    • MLB league and teams sponsorship revenue 2010-2016

    • NBA league & teams sponsorship revenue 2010-2016

    • NHL sponsorship revenue 2011-2016

  • 4. Club football
    • Kit sponsorship supplier deals of football clubs by annual value

    • Total value of kit sponsorships of the Barclays Premier League 2009-2018

    • Jersey kit sponsorships in the Premier League by club 2017/18

    • Manchester United sponsorship revenue 2010-2016

    • Kit sponsorship revenue of the German Bundesliga 2012-2016

    • Kit sponsorship revenue of German Bundesliga clubs 2017/18

  • 5. Sports events (Olympics, FIFA World Cup, etc.)
    • Olympic Games - total number of TOP sponsorship partners 2016

    • Olympic games - TOP sponsorship programmes revenue 1993-2016

    • Olympic Summer Games - revenue generated from domestic sponsorships 1996-2016

    • Number of FIFA 2014 World Cup sponsors, by category

    • Number of official sponsors at the UEFA EURO soccer championship 2008-2012

    • UEFA EURO revenue from commercial rights 1992-2012

  • Language: English
  • Released: October 2016
  • Source(s): Statista
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