Household waste in England

Household waste in England
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Statistics report on household waste in England

Table of contents

    • Waste generation split in England 2018, by source

    • Waste generation split in the United Kingdom 2018, by source

    • Household waste generation in the United Kingdom 2019-2020, by country

    • Total Local Authority collected waste in England 2000-2022

    • Breakdown of waste disposal methods in England FY 2022

    • LA collected regular household waste in England 2000-2022

    • Total LA collected household waste in England 2000-2022

    • Local authority collected waste from households per capita in England 2010-2021

    • LA collected residual waste volumes per household in England 2010-2022, by region

    • LA collected residual household waste per household in England 2000-2022

    • Breakdown of waste from households in England 2016-2021, by waste type

    • Household waste generation in England 2018, by waste material

    • Household waste recycling rates in the United Kingdom 2015-2020, by country

    • Recycling rate of waste from households in England 2010-2021

    • Recycling rate of LA collected household waste in England 2000-2022, by region

    • LA collected household recycling waste in England 2000-2022

    • Recycling rates of household waste in England FY 2022, by local authority

    • Waste from households dry recycling composition in England 2021

    • Revenues of leading UK waste management service companies FY 2021

    • Waste collection industry enterprises in the UK in 2022, by turnover

    • Veolia's revenue in the UK 2015-2022

    • Collection division revenue of Biffa PLC 2022, by segment

    • FCC Environment UK revenue 2014-2020

    • Recycling rate targets in England 2025-2035

    • Packaging recycling rate targets in England 2030, by type

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