Global waste generation

Global waste generation
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Statista Dossier about waste generation worldwide

Table of contents

    • Global population and MSW generation shares by key country 2018

    • Global waste breakdown by material type 2016

    • Global municipal waste generation 2020, by select country

    • Global municipal solid waste generation by region 2016

    • Global municipal solid waste generation share by income group 2016

    • Global municipal solid waste generation per person by region 2016

    • Global per capita generation of municipal solid waste by select country 2018

    • Largest waste producing countries worldwide per capita 2019

    • Annual municipal waste generated per capita by OECD countries 2022

    • Global generation of plastic MSW by region 2018

    • Plastic waste generation worldwide 2016, by select country

    • Global plastic waste production breakdown 2018, by sector

    • Share of plastics in global municipal solid waste by region 2018

    • Generation of plastic packaging waste per capita in the EU-27 2019, by country

    • Global e-waste generation 2010-2019

    • Global e-waste generation by region 2019

    • Global e-waste generation by type 2019

    • Global per capita e-waste generation by country 2019

    • Global e-waste generation per capita 2010-2019

    • Food waste produced annually in selected countries worldwide 2020

    • Per capita household food waste of selected countries worldwide 2020

    • Food waste produced per capita worldwide 2020, by region

    • Food waste production worldwide 2019, by sector

    • Global municipal solid waste generation projection 2016-2050

    • Global waste generation outlook by region 2016-2050

    • Global waste generation per person outlook by region 2050

    • Global municipal solid waste generation by income group 2016-2050

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