Transport industry in Turkey

Transport industry in Turkey
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Statista dossier on the transport industry in Turkey

Table of contents

    • Share of Turkey's foreign trade value by mode of transportation in 2017

    • Turkey: tonne-kilometers of freight transported by rail 2004-2021

    • Turkey: road freight transport volume 2006-2020

    • Total tonne-kilometers of freight transported in Turkey 2006-2020

    • Passengers transported by rail in Turkey 2007-2021

    • Number of passengers in leading airports in Turkey 2013-2021

    • Investment in rail transport infrastructure in Turkey 2004-2017

    • Total investment in inland transport infrastructure in Turkey 2004-2017

    • Investment in sea port infrastructure in Turkey 2002-2017

    • Investment in airport infrastructure in Turkey 2004-2017

    • Turkey: airport infrastructure maintenance expenditure 2004-2017

    • Turkey - passenger car production 2013-2021

    • Light commercial vehicle production in Turkey 2013-2021

    • Turkey: number of cars per thousand inhabitants 1995-2017

    • Registered passenger cars in Turkey 1995-2019

    • Stock of registered buses and coaches in Turkey 1990-2019

    • Turkey: number of registered goods vehicles from 1992 to 2019

    • Combined length of motorways in Turkey 1990-2019

    • Turkey: length of road network in 2019, by road type

    • Number of road deaths in Turkey 2006-2020

    • Number of non-fatal road traffic injuries in Turkey 2006-2020

    • Number of electric vehicle charging stations in Turkey by type 2012-2019

    • Length of railway lines in Turkey 2003-2021

    • Turkey: number of locomotives and railcars 2004-2021, by type

    • Turkey: number of passenger trains from 1990 to 2019

    • Stock of goods transport rail wagons in Turkey 1995-2019

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