Dairy industry in Canada

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Statista dossier on the dairy industry in Canada

This dossier presents information regarding the dairy industry in Canada. A worldwide overview is provided, followed by more specific chapters on Canadian production, trade, segments, and companies.

Table of contents

  • 1. Worldwide overview
    • Global dairy production by category 2020

    • Number of milk cows worldwide by country 2020

    • Market share of the global dairy products in 2019, by region

    • Sales of dairy products worldwide in 2019, by company

    • Global top dairy corporations 2018, based on market share

  • 2. Production
    • Number of cattle on Canadian dairy farms 2014-2020

    • Dairy cow inventory in Canada by region 2020

    • Farm cash receipts of dairy products in Canada 2010-2019

    • Farm product price index (FPPI) of dairy products in Canada 2008-2019

    • Average net operating income of dairy farms in Canada 2013-2019

    • Canada's dairy product manufacturing GDP 2015-2020

    • Value of milk and dairy manufacturing shipments in Canada 2012-2019

    • Canadian employment in dairy product manufacturing 2004-2019

  • 3. International trade
    • Value of dairy product imports in Canada 2012-2019

    • Value of dairy product exports from Canada 2011-2019

    • Value of dairy and egg imports to Canada by country of origin 2019

    • Value of dairy and egg exports from Canada by destination 2019

    • Value share of dairy imports to Canada by region 2019

    • Value share of dairy exports from Canada by region 2019

  • 4. Segments
    • Canadian milk sales 2015-2022

    • Canadian milk sales by category 2018-2022

    • Canadian retail sales of cheese by category 2013-2022

    • Canadian sales value of cream cheese 2020, by type

    • Dollar sales distribution of the Canadian yogurt market 2020, by type

  • 5. Companies
    • Revenue of Saputo 2013-2020

    • Net earnings of Saputo 2013-2020

    • Sales of Agropur Dairy 2011-2020

    • Net earnings of Agropur Dairy 2011-2020

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