Canadian pharmaceutical industry

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Statista dossier about Canada's pharmaceutical industry and market

Table of contents

    • Market share of the leading global pharmaceutical markets 2020

    • Top global pharmaceutical markets: growth rate 2013-2020

    • Pharmaceutical spending per capita in selected countries 2020

    • Drug products sales distribution worldwide by country and therapy area 2020

    • Leading countries in life sciences sector M&As 2019

    • Health expenditures on drugs in Canada 2005-2019

    • Pharmaceutical sales from patented and non-patented drugs in Canada 2004-2020

    • Spending on R&D from pharmaceutical industry in Canada 2004-2020

    • Employment in pharmaceutical manufacturing in Canada 2005-2020

    • Pharmaceutical industry trade balance of Canada 2004-2020

    • Top pharmaceutical companies located in Canada in 2020, by revenue

    • Prescription drug expenditure in Canada by public drug plan 2019/2020

    • Pharmaceutical current R&D spending distribution in Canada by region 2017-2020

    • Medication spending per capita in Canada by province 2021

    • Provincial generic medicine prescription market share in Canada 2020

    • Top pharmaceutical products in Canada by sales 2020

    • Cost per beneficiary of select drugs in Canada's public drug plans 2019/2020

    • Top biologic drugs by share of total drug costs in Canadian public plans 2019/2020

    • Biologic drug costs in select Canadian public drug plans in 2019/2020

    • Changes in price index of patented drugs in Canada 1988-2020

    • Average price ratio Canadian to foreign drug prices 2020

    • Canadian hospitals' top ten therapeutic classes purchased in 2020

    • Change in Canadian hospitals' top therapeutic class purchases 2020

    • Canadian drug stores' top drug therapeutic classes purchases in 2020

    • Change in Canadian drug stores' top drug therapeutic class purchases 2020

    • Generic Rx medicine sales in Canada 2006-2020

    • Generic and brand name medicine average retail price in Canada 2004-2020

    • Generic medicine prescription market share in Canada 2006-2020

    • Generic medicine share of Canada's prescription costs 2006-2020

    • Total generic drug savings Canada 2019, by province

    • Private and public generic drug savings Canada 2019, by province

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