Pharmaceutical market worldwide

Statistics report about the global pharmaceutical market

Pharmaceutical market worldwide

This report presents graphs and tables about the global pharmaceutical industry. The pharma industry is one of the growing industries with a market volume already exceeding one trillion U.S. dollars. This report includes some of the most important key figures on global revenues and growth rates, top companies, top products, medicine use facts, plus a market outlook with figures up to 2026. Additionally, a chapter focused on the COVID-19 response is provided.

Table of contents


  • Premium Statistic Pharmaceutical market: worldwide revenue 2001-2022
  • Premium Statistic World pharmaceutical sales 2020-2022 by region
  • Premium Statistic World pharmaceutical market distribution by submarket 2014-2022
  • Premium Statistic Revenues of top 10 global pharmaceutical markets 2022
  • Basic Statistic Top pharmaceutical products by sales worldwide 2022
  • Basic Statistic Share of pharmaceutical value worldwide 2021, by country
  • Basic Statistic Value share of pharmaceutical subsectors worldwide 2003 vs. 2021


  • Premium Statistic Top therapy classes by spending global market 2027 forecast
  • Premium Statistic Global pharmaceutical revenue by technology 2012-2026
  • Basic Statistic Worldwide Rx drug sales excluding generics and orphan drugs 2012-2026
  • Basic Statistic Projection of global revenue for orphan prescription drugs 2018-2028
  • Basic Statistic Worldwide generic prescription drug sales 2012-2026
  • Premium Forecast Revenue of the OTC pharmaceuticals industry worldwide 2017-2028
  • Premium Statistic Global oncology spending 2011-2024
  • Basic Statistic Tota pharmaceutical value worldwide 2021, by subsector


  • Premium Statistic Top 50 pharmaceutical companies - Rx sales and R&D spending 2022
  • Basic Statistic Global Rx drug market share by top companies 2019 and 2026
  • Premium Statistic Top 10 biotech and pharmaceutical companies based on market cap 2022
  • Premium Statistic Pfizer's total revenue 2006-2022
  • Premium Statistic Novartis' revenue 2007-2022
  • Premium Statistic Roche Group's total sales 2006-2022
  • Premium Statistic Johnson & Johnson's total sales 2005-2022
  • Basic Statistic Projected top pharmaceutical companies based on new sales 2023

R&D, patents, new products

  • Premium Statistic Total global pharmaceutical R&D spending 2014-2028
  • Basic Statistic Global top pharmaceutical companies based on R&D spending 2026
  • Premium Statistic Patent expiration risks for total worldwide prescription drug revenue 2020-2028
  • Basic Statistic Worldwide prescription drug revenue - market risk from patent expiration 2020-2028
  • Premium Statistic Pharmaceutical industry - number of new substances 1998-2022
  • Basic Statistic Pharma companies worldwide with active R&D pipelines 2001-2023
  • Premium Statistic Number of novel drugs approved annually by CDER 2008-2022
  • Basic Statistic Projected most valuable R&D projects based on net present value 2022


  • Premium Statistic World pharmaceutical sales by region forecast 2026
  • Premium Statistic Global spending on medicines 2010-2027
  • Premium Statistic CAGR by product type in pharmaceutical markets forecast 2023-2027
  • Basic Statistic Country comparison in spending on medicine 2026
  • Premium Statistic Leading global pharmaceutical products by projected sales 2026
  • Basic Statistic Top global biopharma drugs by lifetime sales up to 2026
  • Basic Statistic Global top pharmaceutical companies based on R&D spending 2026

Focus: COVID-19 response

  • Basic Statistic COVID-19 vaccine dose numbers by top manufacturer 2021
  • Premium Statistic Top companies by COVID-19 treatment vaccines in development June 2022
  • Basic Statistic Number of COVID-19 drugs in development worldwide by phase June 2022
  • Premium Statistic BARDA funding for the development of COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. 2021
  • Basic Statistic Forecasted sales of select COVID-19 vaccines worldwide 2021-2022
  • Basic Statistic Gilead Science's remdesivir manufacturing projections 2020
  • Basic Statistic Global mRNA vaccines and therapeutics market for COVID-19 Q4 2020 vs. 2025

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