Tobacco industry in India

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Statista Dossier about the tobacco industry in India

Table of contents

  • 1. Global overview
    • Tobacco production worldwide 2019, by country

    • Global cigarette sales share by region 2018

    • Prevalence of adults smoking tobacco globally by income level 2007-2017

    • Change in cigarette consumption globally 1980-2016, by WHO region

    • Global tobacco market: leading companies 2020, based on net sales

  • 2. Production
    • Indian tobacco products production growth rate FY 2008-2016

    • Index number of agricultural production for tobacco in India FY 2010-2018

    • Flue-Cured Virginia tobacco production in India FY 2006-2018

    • Flue-Cured Virginia tobacco production in Karnataka FY 2006-2018

    • Flue-Cured Virginia tobacco production in Andhra Pradesh FY 2006-2018

    • Employment size of tobacco industry in India 2021, by type

  • 3. Key players
    • Leading cigarette companies in India 2021, based on market capitalization

    • ITC's revenue FY 2011-2020

    • Godfrey Phillips gross revenue FY 2011-2020

    • VST's relative Nifty price performance FY 2009-2018

    • Kothari Products sales turnover FY 2015-2020

  • 4. Consumption
    • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics spending value in India FY 2012-2015

    • Monthly expenditure on cigarette and bidi in India FY 2010-2017

    • Tobacco consumption volume in India FY 2018 by type

    • Share of tobacco consumption in India FY 2019 by type

    • Attempt to switch to smokeless tobacco during COVID-19 India 2020 by age

    • COVID-19 impact on smokers' coping mechanisms India 2020

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