Tobacco industry in Mexico

Tobacco industry in Mexico
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Statista dossier on the tobacco market in Mexico

Table of contents

    • Global tobacco market: leading companies 2021, based on market value

    • Ranking of the most valuable tobacco brands worldwide 2022

    • Latin America: tobacco harvested area 2019, by country

    • Mexico: tobacco planted area 2015-2021

    • Mexico: tobacco market value 2019-2024

    • Mexico: value added by tobacco manufacturing to GDP 2010-2021

    • Mexico: tobacco production value 2013-2020

    • Mexico: tobacco production volume 2012-2020

    • Mexico: tobacco crop production 2021, by state

    • Mexico: value of tobacco sales 2013-2020, by market

    • Mexico: sales volume of cigarette packs 2013-2022

    • Mexico: tobacco trade value 2010-2021

    • Mexico: tobacco trade value 2021, by product category

    • Mexico: main tobacco export partnes 2021

    • Mexico: main tobacco import partners 2021

    • Mexico: major cigarette companies 2019, based on market share

    • Mexico: major cigarette brands 2019, by market share

    • Philip Morris: net revenue in Mexico 2018-2020

    • British American Tobacco: net revenue in Mexico 2018-2021

    • Number of smokers in Mexico 2013-2028

    • Prevalence of male smokers in Mexico 2013-2028

    • Female smoking prevalence forecast in Mexico 2013-2028

    • Mexico: weekly per capita consumption of cigarettes 2019-2020

    • Mexico: reported increase in cigarette and alcohol use amid COVID-19 2020

    • Mexico: cost of a pack of cigarettes 2020, by brand

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