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Statista dossier on health in Thailand

This dossier provides statistical data on the health industry in Thailand with figures on the state of health, the care and support system as well as the pharmaceutical market. Further, it presents information on medical technology.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • GDP from health and social work sector in Thailand 2011-2020

    • Value of household consumption on healthcare Thailand 2010-2019

    • Private final consumption expenditure on healthcare Thailand 2009-2018

  • 2. State of health
    • Share of children immunized against measles Thailand 2010-2018

    • Share of children immunized against DPT Thailand 2010-2018

    • Number of reported cases of cholera in Thailand 2006 to 2016

    • Estimated number of people living with HIV Thailand 2010-2019

    • Projected number of people with dementia in Thailand 2015-2050

    • Number of deaths from malaria in Thailand 2010-2019

    • Number of deaths from tuberculosis in Thailand 2005-2017

    • Number of deaths caused by non-communicable diseases Thailand 2018 by type

  • 3. Care and support
    • Total number of hospital beds Thailand 2013-2019

    • Total number of doctors Thailand 2010-2019

    • Total number of dentists Thailand 2010-2019

    • Total number of pharmacists Thailand 2009-2019

    • Total number of professional nurses Thailand 2010-2019

    • Total number of technical nurses Thailand 2010-2019

  • 4. Pharmaceutical market
    • Distribution of pharmaceutical products Thailand 2019

    • Share of destination countries in pharmaceutical exports in Thailand 2019

    • Revenue of major domestic pharmaceutical companies Thailand 2018

    • Number of patent applications for pharmaceutics and cosmetics Thailand 2008-2018

    • Number of pharmaceutical licenses Thailand 2010-2019

  • 5. Medical devices
    • Share of global medical device sales Thailand 2019 by type

    • Export value of medical devices Thailand 20115-2019 by type

    • Import value of medical devices Thailand 2015-2019 by type

    • Leading domestic medical device manufacturers in Thailand 2017

    • Patent applications for medical technology Thailand 2009-2018

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