Soccer in Argentina

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Statista dossier on soccer in Argentina

The dossier presents a range of statistics and facts about soccer in Argentina. Similar publications are available for Brazil and Chile, as well as for entire Latin America.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Latin America & Caribbean: leading men's national football teams 2021

    • Latin America & Caribbean: leading women's national football teams 2020

    • Latin America: FIFA World Cup trophies won 1930-2018, by country

    • Latin America: most valuable national football teams 2020

    • CONMEBOL: number of FIFA male player transfers 2019, by type

    • CONMEBOL: number of FIFA female player transfers 2019, by type

  • 2. Industry revenues
    • Argentina: receipts for international FIFA transfers 2016-2019

    • CONMEBOL: revenue from the Football Association of Argentina 2017-2019

    • Argentine Football Association: revenue 2014-2018

    • Argentine Football Association: TV rights & sponsorship revenue 2014-2018

    • Argentine national soccer team: events & matches revenue 2014-2018

  • 3. Rankings of teams
    • Argentina: world ranking of men's national soccer team 2009-2020

    • Argentina: world ranking of women's national soccer team 2009-2020

    • South America: Copa Libertadores championship titles 1960-2020, by soccer club

    • Argentina: Primera División soccer clubs' market value 2020

    • Argentina: soccer clubs with most Copa Argentina championships 2012-2018

    • Argentina: soccer clubs with most Primera División championships won1893-2019

  • 4. Professional players
    • Argentina: most valuable players in the national soccer team 2020

    • Argentina: number of soccer players playing abroad 2017-2019

    • Argentina: top scorers soccer championship Superliga 2019-2020

    • Argentina: most valuable Boca Juniors soccer players 2019

    • Argentina: most valuable River Plate soccer players 2019

    • Argentina: most valuable Racing Club soccer players 2019

  • 5. Audience & support
    • Argentina: favorite Argentinian soccer teams 2019

    • Argentina: soccer clubs with most social media followers 2019

    • Argentina: Superliga soccer clubs with highest attendance 2018-2019

    • Argentina: number of Superliga soccer club members 2018-2019

    • Argentina: soccer popularity 2019, by gender

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