Digital health in India

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Statista Dossier about digital health in India

Table of contents

    • Global digital health market by major segment 2015-2025

    • Estimated public health expenditure in India FY 2017-2020

    • Estimated NHM expenditure share in India FY 2020 by type

    • Government-sponsored health insurance premium value in India FY 2012-2018

    • PE/VC investments in health-tech India 2013-2020

    • Telemedicine market size in India 2010-2025

    • Wireless broadband subscribers in India 2016-2020

    • Volume of mobile data traffic India 2016-2026

    • Smartphone users in India 2010-2040

    • Internet access in urban and rural India 2019, mobile network type

    • Adoption of digital health during COVID-19 in India 2020

    • Growth in teleconsultations due to COVID-19 in India 2020, by type

    • Willingness to book telehealth visits during COVID-19 India 2020 by age group

    • Digital access and effectiveness in healthcare in India 2020, by medium

    • Share of patients availing health insurance India 2019

    • Share of insurance companies with cashless claim transactions India 2019

    • Policy holders who feel the need for improved digital communication India 2020

    • Average turnaround time for health insurance claim settlement India 2019

    • Profitability from Ayushman Bharat to health insurers in India 2019

    • Share of cashless insurance claims India 2019

    • Opinion about Ayushman Bharat scheme India 2019

    • Criteria to be an empaneled partner of Ayushman Bharat 2019

    • Eligibility of patient availing Ayushman India 2019

    • Grievance redressal of Ayushman Bharat India 2019

    • Revenues of leading e-phamacies India 2018-2019

    • Share of profit before tax of leading e-phamacies India 2018-2019

    • Organized pharmacy and wellness retail penetration India 2012-2021

    • Value of addressable medicine market India 2019-2023

    • Global healthcare artificial intelligence market size 2017 & 2025

    • AI market share India 2020, by industry

    • Share of participants who believe AI will aid global health in India 2018

    • Top benefits expected from blockchain adoption in healthcare worldwide 2017

    • Perception of blockchain payments being convenient in India 2020

    • Health ODE implementation impact on revenue India 2019-2030, by provider

    • Healthcare market distribution India 2019-2030, by provider type

    • Healthcare market share after ODE implementation in India 2019-2030 by type

    • Forecast of e-pharmacy market India 2025 by scenario type

    • ODE impact on estimated healthcare CAGR in India 2019-2030, by payer type

    • ODE impact on estimated healthcare market CAGR India 2019-2030, by provider

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