Smartphone market in Russia

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Statista Dossier on the smartphone market in Russia

This Dossier presents statistics and charts on the smartphone market in Russia, including user penetration, sales, and import trade. It provides data on specific segments, such as flagship or 5G capable smartphones, on major brands, and on consumer behavior. Furthermore, it contains figures on apps required to be pre-installed on devices sold in Russia since April 2021.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Smartphone users in Europe 2020, by country

    • Smartphone users in Russia 2015-2025

    • Forecast of the smartphone user penetration rate in Russia 2015-2025

    • Smartphone sales revenue in Russia 2014-2020

    • Mobile OS: market share in Russia 2012-2020

    • Preinstalled smartphone app downloads in Russia monthly 2020-2021

  • 2. Sales & import
    • Smartphone sales volume in Russia 2014-2020

    • Smartphone shipment volume to Russia quarterly 2020

    • Smartphone shipment value to Russia quarterly 2020

    • Smartphones sales growth in Russia 2021, by price segment

    • Flagship smartphones sales share in Russia 2017-2021

    • 5G capable smartphones sales value in Russia 2020

    • 5G capable smartphones sold in Russia 2020

    • Smartphone e-commerce share in Russia Q4 2020, by platform

  • 3. Prices & spending
    • Average smartphone purchase value in Russia 2020, by city

    • Consumer price of smartphones in Russia monthly 2019-2021

    • Consumer price index of smartphones in Russia 2014-2020

  • 4. Brands
    • Smartphone market distribution in Russia Q3 2020, by vendor

    • Revenue growth of smartphone brands in Russia Q4 2020

    • Smartphone e-commerce share in Russia Q4 2020, by brand

    • Smartphone import share in Russia 2020, by brand

    • Favorite brands of smartphones in Russia 2020

    • Apple Rus LLC revenue in Russia 2013-2019

    • Samsung Electronics revenue in Russia 2018-2019, by subsidiary

    • Tekhkompaniya Huawei revenue in Russia 2016-2019

  • 5. Apps
    • Most popular mobile internet sources in Russia 2020, by reach

    • Most popular free mobile apps in Russia 2021, by downloads

    • Leading mobile apps in Russia 2021, by revenue

    • Leading mobile games apps in Russia 2021, by revenue

    • Apps downloaded after a smartphone purchase in Russia 2021

    • Share of Yandex search installed on smartphones in Russia 2019-2024, by OS

  • 6. Usage
    • Consumer electronics usage in Russia 2020

    • Major mobile cellular operators in Russia 2018-2019, by subscribers

    • Smartphone app usage by type in Russia 2020

    • Satisfaction with smartphone brand in Russia 2020

    • Willingness to change smartphone brand in Russia 2020

    • Car-smartphone connection usage in Russia 2020

    • User behavior when a smartphone is not nearby in Russia 2020

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