Telecommunications industry in Hungary

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Statista Dossier on the telecommunications industry in Hungary

The present dossier provides information on the telecommunications industry in Hungary. Following a general overview, it introduces the leading companies of the industry and provides statistics on the fixed-line and mobile telephony market. Furthermore, the dossier explores the mobile and broadband internet market in the country.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Revenue from telecommunications industry in Hungary 2012-2024

    • Share of Hungarian households with telecommunications services 2019, by type

    • Average monthly household spend on telecommunication services in Hungary 2019

    • Share of Hungarians satisfied with telecommunication services 2019, by type

    • Hungary: telecommunications sector employment figures 2008-2018

  • 2. Leading companies
    • Revenue of Magyar Telekom in Hungary 2016-2020

    • Financial results of Vodafone Hungary 2019

    • Financial results of Telenor Hungary 2019

    • Revenue of DIGI Group in Hungary 2016-2019

    • Distribution of DIGI Group's revenue in Hungary 2019, by segment

  • 3. Fixed-line telephony
    • Market share of fixed-line telephony service providers in Hungary 2020

    • Number of fixed-line voice channels per 100 inhabitants in Hungary 2019-2020

    • Number of fixed-line voice channels by technology in Hungary 2019-2020

    • Number of fixed-line calls in Hungary 2016-2020, by type

    • Duration of fixed-line calls in Hungary 2016-2020, by type

    • Monthly duration of fixed-line calls per voice channel in Hungary 2019-2020

  • 4. Mobile telephony
    • Market share of Hungarian mobile network providers 2015-2019

    • Number of active SIM cards in Hungary 2015-2019

    • Number of mobile phone subscriptions in Hungary 2015-2020, by type

    • Duration of mobile calls in Hungary 2015-2020, by type

    • Share of Hungarian SIM cards initiating calls from abroad 2015-2019

    • Average monthly SIM card traffic in Hungary 2017-2020, by type

    • Domestic text message traffic in Hungary 2018-2020

  • 5. Broadband internet
    • Fixed broadband internet subscription providers' market share in Hungary 2020

    • Share of households with broadband internet access in Hungary 2004-2020

    • Hungary: fixed broadband subscriptions 2010-2019

    • Mobile broadband subscriptions in Hungary 2010-2025

    • Number of internet subscriptions in Hungary 2016-2020, by access service

    • Distribution of fixed line internet subscriptions in Hungary 2020, by bandwidth

    • Fixed broadband internet traffic in Hungary 2017-2020

  • 6. Mobile internet
    • Market share of Hungarian mobile internet providers 2020

    • Net revenue of mobile internet service providers in Hungary 2016-2020

    • Forecast of the mobile internet user penetration rate in Hungary 2015-2025

    • Mobile internet data traffic in Hungary 2015-2019

    • Distribution of domestic mobile internet traffic by network type in Hungary 2015-2019

    • Share of Hungarian SIM cards generating mobile internet traffic abroad 2015-2020

    • Satisfaction with small screen mobile internet services in Hungary 2019

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