Impact of technology on professional sport & the fan experience

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Statista dossier on the impact of technology on the fan experience & professional sport

Table of contents

    • Avid sports fans worldwide 2019, by country

    • Regular visitors to sports stadiums worldwide 2019, by age

    • Sports fans using streaming platforms worldwide 2019, by age

    • Preferred enhancements to sports highlights in the U.S. 2020

    • Europe: breakdown of sports technology startup companies 2018, by country

    • Europe: sports technology startup companies 2018, by sector

    • New technology impact on sports fans' experiences 2019

    • New technology challenges on sports fans' stadium experiences 2019

    • Best sports stadium experiences using new technology 2019

    • Most common sports experiences using new technology outside the stadium 2019

    • Effect of emerging technologies on sports' fans viewing experience 2019, by country

    • Influence of VAR on the enjoyment of English Premier League in 2020, by age

    • AR glasses unit sales worldwide 2019-2024

    • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset shipments worldwide 2020-2025

    • Consumers who most value VR experiences at sports events worldwide 2019, by country

    • Share of opinions on the preferred use of VR to watch sporting events

    • Share of opinions on the preferred use of VR for personal fitness training

    • Global wrist-worn wearable unit shipments worldwide 2019-2024

    • Quarterly wearables shipments worldwide 2014-2021, by vendor

    • Wearables shipments worldwide market share 2014-2021, by vendor

    • Global wearable device end-user spending by category 2019-2022

    • Worldwide wearables market growth impacted by COVID-19 outbreak 2019-2024

    • Fitbit - number of active users 2012-2020

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