Air Cargo Market in the U.S. - Statistics & Facts

Over the past 50 years, freight transportation has grown in line with the increase in population levels and economic activity in the United States, as well as in light of accelerated globalization and growing interconnected economies. The most valuable commodities moved by the U.S. freight transportation system include machinery, electronics and motorized vehicles. In 2014, the United States exported air freight services to the value of more than 14 billion U.S. dollars, with the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany being the key destinations. The United States imported air freight services to the value of just below 7.2 billion U.S. dollars, most of which originated from Asian countries such as Korea, China and Japan. By 2014, over 71 million short tons of all cargo traffic was handled at U.S. airports.

In terms of freight forwarders, FedEx Corporation is ranked first with around six billion ton-miles of domestic freight transported in 2015. Furthermore, FedEx generated around four billion U.S. dollars in freight revenue from its Express segment. Another air freight forwarder of relevant significance is United Parcel Service with around three billion ton-miles of domestic freight and revenue streams of 632 million U.S. dollars from international cargo operations in 2015.

Regarding air cargo traffic, Memphis International Airport reported around 12 million short tons of landed weight in 2014, and in the fiscal year of 2015, the airport raked in operating revenue from airfield operations of 43.4 million U.S. dollars.

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Air cargo market in the United States - Important statistics

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