Jewelry market in Italy- Statistics & Facts

The Italian industry manufacturing jewelry, bijouterie and related articles encompasses several important brands and represents an important share of the personal luxury good market. As of 2015, the industry counted more than 7,700 companies active in the sector. The jewelry industry also plays an important role because of its high level of employment, with a workforce of over 20.6 thousand individuals in 2014. In the same year, the turnover value of the jewelry industry was above 5.43 billion euros.

The main three raw materials used for producing jewelry in Italy are gold, platinum and silver. The most expensive precious metal used for manufacturing jewelry and fine jewelry is gold, which had a market price of 1,045.5 euros per ounce in 2015. Platinum came second followed by silver. Yet with respect to international trade, Italy is a major importer of precious metals destined for the jewelry industry. As of 2015 the import value of precious metal amounted to over 4.7 billion euros.

International trade registered a major import and export partner: Switzerland. In 2015, while the value of Italian jewelry industry imports from Switzerland amounted to 649.8 million euros, the export value reached 1.3 billion euros in the same year.

Independent from the product category, fine jewels tend to be the most shopped for jewelry item. In addition, jewelry lends itself to several special occasions such as Christmas or Valentines’ Day. According to retailers of watches, jewelry and silverware, during Christmas 2015 jewelry ranked as the third most purchased product category. For the same occasion, traditional independent jewelry retailers were preferred over jewelers in shopping malls or e-commerce websites.

Jewelry is also considered a special gift for Valentines’ Day, especially among individuals between 35 and 44 years of age. In addition, people in this same age range tend to prefer jewels which are made of alternative materials more than other age groups.

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Jewelry market in Italy - Important statistics

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