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Statista‘s „Consumer Market Outlook” (CMO) offers a detailed insight into the world of consumer goods and provides trends and forecasts for experts in the Consumer Goods (CG) markets.

Who are we? We are researchers, modellers, analysts; we combine our collective specialist knowledge in research of up-to-date data with modelling and analysis expertise in order to determine and present current trends and predict future developments in consumer markets.

What differentiates us? We put your research needs first so we provide internationally comparable data, a broad coverage and deep insights into the consumer markets that interest you. Clear graphics, ‘Key Market Indicators’ and ‘Take-Away’ texts give you understandable, accessible information.

How do we work? We do in-house market research, selecting the most current, valid data sources and research results in all consumer markets. From these data and additional market driver data we build forecast models.

What is our aim? We have a comprehensive, comparable international database for consumer goods, modelling the basis of our daily expenditures, big and small. We are your first port of call for queries about Consumer Goods (CG). Our data is based on the extensive market and source know-how as one of the world's largest statistics portals.

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