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Our Methodology

Market Analytics

One of the key advantages in using the Statista platform is to find the reference of the data origin to check the reliability of the source and get further context information.

Most of the data about the global digital economy comes from financial company reports, consumer surveys or analyst estimates. The biggest problem in this context is availability of consistent, comparable and recent data points. Therefore Statista has stepped into Market Analytics to build bridges between different sources, methodologies and survey periods and delivers consistent data points to the most relevant topics.

This allows us to publish not only market sizes and forecasts for digital topics, but also consumer and company related insights of the digital economy.

Statista as your primary source

Our team of experienced analysts and market researchers derives key metrics out of various country-specific and international studies and uses mathematical models to transform and standardize information and enrich the data with additional insights.

In addition to that we conduct our own surveys to show latest trends and consumer behavior regarding a specific topic, always focusing on reliable, representative and continuable results that follow our ambition of giving you immediate access to only the most reliable and trusted statistics available in the market.

Methodology of the Digital Market Insights

Digital Market Insights: Market forecasts and Statistics

Our Approach

Our Approach

We combine the benefits of recent market research and trend scouting.

  • Market research & monitoring
  • Discover phenomenon
  • Identify patterns
  • Derive trends
  • Determine market impact
Market Analysis and Forecasts

Market Analysis and Forecasts

We provide independent, realistic and consistent market sizes and forecasts based on data-focused analysis and multi-causal models based on the latest findings from economic and innovation research.

Our Data Sources

Our Data Sources

Our forecasts are based on four types of relevant industry data.

  • Macro-economic indicators
  • Market research
  • Key-player analysis & monitoring
  • Studies & third-party data
A Deep Dive into the Digital Economy

A Deep Dive into the Digital Economy

Our market sizing is based on individual bottom-up approaches and relying on deep-dive analysis of customer behavior, pricing models and company information.

  • Market size
    • Pricing models
    • Customer behavior
    • Company information
Contextualized information is the key to get a deep understanding of digital market structure

Contextualized information is the key to get a deep understanding of digital market structure

Contextualized information is the key to get a deep understanding of digital market structure.

  • Market development
    • Per capita spendings
    • User penetration
    • Demographic user insights
    • Technological progress
Comparability and Performance Indicators

Comparability and Performance Indicators

Continuous market monitoring allows us to detect and consider relevant changes along the value chain of digital markets.

  • Supply-side
  • Product innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Demand-side



  • Who can access the Digital Market Insights?
    All data from the Digital Market Insights is included in all Statista Professional & Enterprise accounts with ongoing contracts. Get more information.
  • What kind of data does the Digital Market Insights contain?
    • Revenue
    • Average revenue per User (or per Smart Home, per Connected Car)
    • Number of Users (or Smart Homes, Connected Cars)
    • Penetration
    • Demographic segmentation (e.g. for age and income)
    • Global comparison
    • Market indicators (e.g. internet penetration, smartphone penetration)
  • How many markets are available in the Digital Market Insights?
    • 7 digital verticals (e.g. e-Commerce) are divided into:
    • 31 market segments (e.g. e-Commerce -> Fashion) which split into:
    • 47 sub-segments: (e.g. e-Commerce -> Fashion -> Apparel).

    A complete market overview can be found in our methodology or at the market directory.

  • Can I download the data?
    Yes. You can download the data as an Excel- or PDF-file. Single graphs are also available as PNG files. Download buttons can be found on top right of the page and in the different box diagrams on the right.
  • When is the data being updated?

    Updates for each market come regularly once a year. In some cases, the data for individual markets is updated on an ad hoc basis (e.g. when new, relevant data has been released or significant changes within the market have impact on the projected development).

    A time stamp at the bottom of each diagram shows the latest available update. Update cycles vary from market to market in terms of data availability.

    Most of the Digital Market Insights data was modeled before the outbreak of COVID-19. A forecast adjusted to these global events will be published in Q2 2020.

  • Will there be more markets in the future?
    New market segments or completely new markets are likely to be added in the future. A release schedule with concrete topics does not exist yet. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Data & Methodology

  • How are the markets defined?
    All markets are defined at the beginning of each content page. You can read a short introduction about what products, services or categories are included in our market scope and what is out-of-scope.
    Furthermore, we provide a brief explanation and market definition that is accessed by clicking on the download button on top of each content page. If a question is still unanswered please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help you out and to improve our product.
  • Which data sources are the market data based on?

    The Digital Market Insights uses many different sources for the analytical modeling of each segment. An overview of the sources for each market can be found in the methodology.

Technical Questions & Support

  • Which currency rates are used for the forecasts?
    We use the average exchange rate of each year to convert from one currency to another. The exact rates used can be checked in the "Key Market Indicators" box below each market. The source of the historical data is Statista, based on the IMF and other sources.
  • Can you directly compare the market data from different countries?
    A country comparison is given in the „Global Comparison Box“, which is not yet editable , but shows the top five countries (by revenue) plus the current selected country. In order to intensively compare and calculate with different country values, we will deliver enhanced download functionalities to improve data accessibility in standard formats such as XLS-files in the near future.
  • Who do I contact in case of feedback or questions regarding the content of the Digital Market Insights?
    With all support requests regarding our content please get in touch with our customer support. The request will be forwarded immediately to the responsible market analyst in order who can give you relevant feedback.
  • Who do I notify about technical errors?
    Please make sure, that you are logged-in with a Statista Professional or Enterprise Account to have full access to our exclusive Digital Market Insights features. With all technical support requests please get in touch with our customer support. The request will be forwarded immediately to our IT department who will fix the errors as soon as possible.


Get in touch with us. We are happy to help.
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