13.08.2020 Statista’s International Content Marketing Trend Study 2020

Hamburg, August 13, 2020 - Statista is proud to announce the International Content Marketing Trend Study 2020. The report focuses on content marketing strategies of businesses around the world, giving a global view on content formats and channels, as well as trends and challenges. It helps to understand how the different global regions approach content marketing as well as what KPIs really matter to companies. While the APAC Region is more experimental overall, the EMEA respondents kept their strategies close to established best practices. 

Overall, the report has found that around 3 in 4 companies see their content marketing strategy as successful, while about 8 out of 10 companies readjust their content marketing strategy at least once per year. When looking at channels, almost three quarters of all companies (B2B and B2C alike) would like to use videos in the future. Instagram, while being used by half of B2B respondents, remains a firm favourite with B2C companies at 78%. Personalized content is considered crucial in both B2C and B2B fields, while augmented and virtual reality still trail behind in importance to content marketeers. 

Statista asked a total of 963 participants via an online survey in March 2020. The report is based upon a Statista survey of the Content Marketing strategies of businesses from around the world.

You can download the report here. If you need further information, please reach out to us at press@statista.com.

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