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Generate more relevant content on numerous topics for your website through the Statista Media API. Enhance your presentations with quality statistics and infographics – increasing page views and time spent on site.

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Upgrade your website with appealing graphics

The Media API allows for the presentation of custom statistics on your website, depending on the account version selected. You can pull up topic-related statistics via keyword search (e.g. articles on Google, keyword "Google"), and offer informative slide shows to your users instantly!

Your site is kept up-to-date at all times

The Media API lets you benefit from the constant research done by our content team. Every Media API request starts a new search query, providing the latest figures from our content database. Additionally, you can use the "infographics" filter to visually enhance daily news.

Easy technical implementation

Integrating the Statista Media API is quick and easy. After receiving our data in the most common formats XML and JSON, you can adapt it to your liking. The data set includes the headline of the statistic as well as a short description and deep link to the graphic itself. With this data you can then easily integrate the statistic into your website.


Contact our customer service to have your website activated for the API. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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