Sustainability in tech

Sustainability in tech
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Statista Dossier on sustainability in tech

Table of contents

    • Global green technology and sustainability market size 2021-2030

    • E-waste management market value worldwide 2020-2028

    • Global e-waste generation 2010-2019

    • Global adoption of emerging technologies to target sustainability 2021, by industry

    • Leading ESG tech companies worldwide 2021

    • Global enterprise sustainability IT strategy 2021, by sector

    • Global organizations' take on sustainability of IT infrastructure 2022

    • Global enterprise IT measures to reduce carbon footprint 2021, by category

    • Global implementation challenges for sustainable IT 2021

    • Global organizations' take on IT department's role in sustainability goals 2021

    • Global enterprise willingness to pay for sustainable IT products 2021, by sector

    • Global green data center market size 2020-2026

    • Frequency of data center server replacement worldwide 2020, by region

    • Global organizations' take on cloud vendors' green initiatives for business 2021

    • Expected energy savings from AI 2021

    • Global electronics recycling market size 2022-2027

    • Global electronic equipment repair service market size 2021-2032

    • Global refurbished and used mobile phone market size 2020-2031

    • Market growth rate for refurbished smartphones in 2021

    • Global: Pre-owned smartphone shipments 2020-2027

    • Global refurbished PC market size 2021-2028

    • Leading tech companies' electricity consumption worldwide 2021

    • Data center average annual power usage effectiveness (PUE) worldwide 2007-2022

    • Global e-waste documented to be collected and recycled 2019, by region

    • Leading tech companies' generated waste worldwide 2021

    • Leading tech companies' generated landfill waste worldwide 2021

    • Leading tech companies' total water withdrawal worldwide 2021

    • Leading tech companies' scope 1 GHG emissions worldwide 2021

    • Leading tech companies' scope 2 GHG emissions worldwide 2021

    • Leading tech companies' scope 3 GHG emissions worldwide 2021

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