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Consumer Electronics statistics The consumer electronics industry is one that is continually growing and evolving. This industry has seen exciting new developments in recent years and at a rapid pace. Through our statistics database we offer a wide variety of statistics and data on the CE industry. Here you can find statistics about the leading companies in the field, product sales and revenue figures, market shares, consumer preferences and satisfaction ratings and more. We also provide you with a range of the latest forecasts from the leading experts in the field.

The following products are just some of those typically included under the umbrella of consumer electronics: computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, smartphones, MP3 and other music players, TVs, recording devices, navigation devices, cameras, video recorders, game consoles etc. Our statistics reveal everything you need to know about the trends and movement of products in this industry. For example, recent statistics show that sales of traditional PCs and laptops have been challenged as a result of increasing tablet sales. When it comes to smartphones, devices with larger screens, often referred to as ‘phablets’, are tipped to be the new phenomenon in the future and in the world of TV, LCD-LED technology is expected to dominate global shipments over the next 5 years.

When looking at CE retailers, the leaders in the United States include Best Buy, Hewelett-Packard, Dell, Walmart and Amazon. Leading tech brands include big names such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Sony, Philips, Canon and Lenovo, just to name a few. When it comes to some areas, such as in the PC market, competition is strong and market share is spread among a range of manufacturers. In other areas on the other hand, such as the smartphone market, the market is dominated by just a few strong players. To keep up to date on all developments in the CE industry search our database.

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