Pharmaceutical industry in Japan

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Statista Dossier on the pharmaceutical industry in Japan

This dossier presents information about the Japanese pharmaceutical market. It provides key figures on production, sales of pharmaceuticals and major players, as well as insights in future trends.

Table of contents

  • 1. Production and trade
    • Medical drug production value Japan 2010-2019

    • Breakdown of drug production value Japan 2019, by category

    • Breakdown of drug production value Japan 2019, by drug form

    • Breakdown of drug production value Japan 2019, by type

    • Production value of prescription drugs Japan 2010-2019

    • Number of medical drug manufacturing plants Japan 2018, by employee size

    • Value of imported pharmaceutical drugs to Japan 2011-2019

    • Value of exported pharmaceutical drugs from Japan 2010-2019

  • 2. Sales and expenses
    • Prescription pharmaceuticals sales value in Japan 2010-2019

    • Pharmaceutical sales share in Japan FY 2009-2018, by channel

    • Prescription and OTC drug sales share in Japan FY 2009-2018

    • R&D spending of pharmaceutical industry Japan FY 2015-2018

    • R&D spending in relation to pharma sales Japan FY 2015-2018

    • Ad spending of pharmaceuticals industry Japan 2010-2019

  • 3. Leading companies
    • Total asset of major companies in pharmaceutical industry Japan 2019

    • Leading pharmaceutical companies in ethical drug sales Japan 2019, by distributor

    • Net sales of leading generics makers Japan 2019

    • Takeda Pharmaceutical's revenue FY 2012-2019

    • Otsuka Holdings' net sales 2010-2019

    • Daiichi Sankyo's revenue FY 2012-2019

    • Sawai Pharmaceutical's sales revenue FY 2010-2019

  • 4. Outlook
    • Approval number pharmaceutical products Japan FY 2018, by type

    • Number of new drugs approved by PMDA Japan FY 2014-2018

    • Volume share of generics in pharmaceutical market Japan 2005-2018

    • Number of patents in the pharmaceutical industry Japan 2019, by type

    • Companies with the highest number of pharmaceutical patent applications Japan 2018

  • 5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact
    • Pharmaceutical spending in Japan FY 2018-2024

    • Annual growth rate of pharmaceutical spending in Japan FY 2018-2024

    • Government supplementary budget for COVID-19 medical and pharma measures Japan 2020

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