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Statista dossier on the global personal computer market

This dossier presents a range of statistics on the global personal computer (PC) market. The report provides detail on overall IT spending, updated with an additional chapter investigating the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on the PC market. The report includes a deeper focus on global shipments of PCs, as well as the market share of major global vendors. The mobile and tablet PC market also features, plus an insight into computer operating systems. A consumption chapter explores global computer penetration rates.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Global IT spending forecast 2005-2020

    • Global IT spending forecast 2012-2020, by segment

    • Yearly growth forecast IT spending worldwide 2016-2020

    • Global tech goods and services purchases by segment 2016-2021

    • IT devices total worldwide spending 2012-2020

    • Major electronic device shipments worldwide 2015-2022

  • 2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts
    • Electronics industries impacted by supply delays due to COVID-19 worldwide in 2020

    • Forecast of global high-tech product shipment impacted by COVID-19 outbreak Q1 2020

    • PCs (desktop/portable) global shipment forecast 2009-2021

    • COVID-19 impact on forecast notebook computer shipments worldwide during 2020

    • Estimated global personal computing device (PCD) shipment growth 2020

    • Estimated quarterly growth of traditional PC shipments worldwide 2020

  • 3. Segment: PCs
    • Forecast: global shipment of tablets, laptops and desktop PCs 2010-2023

    • Global PC unit shipments 2006-2019

    • Global PC shipments per quarter 2009-2020

    • PC unit shipments by region 2018-2019

    • Portable PCs global shipment forecast 2010-2023

    • Desktop PCs global shipments forecast 2010-2023

  • 4. Segment: Mobile & tablet PCs
    • Global tablet shipments projection 2010-2023

    • Worldwide tablet shipments 2010-2019, by quarter

    • Global market share held by tablet vendors 2011-2020

    • Global tablet shipments by operating system per quarter 2010-2020

    • Cellular subscriptions for mobile PCs, Routers and tablets worldwide 2011-2025

    • Cellular subscriptions for mobile PC, Router & tablet worldwide 2011-2025, by region

  • 5. Segment: Computer operating systems
    • Global market share held by computer operating systems 2012-2020, by month

    • Operating systems market share of desktop PCs 2013-2020, by month

    • Windows operating systems market share of desktop PCs worldwide 2017-2020

    • Market share held by PC operating systems in the U.S. 2012-2020, by month

    • Desktop operating systems: market share in the United Kingdom (UK) 2010-2019

  • 6. Companies
    • PC shipments worldwide from 2006-2019, by vendor

    • Global market share held by PC vendors 2006-2019

    • Global market share held by PC vendors 2019

    • Global shipment share for notebook computers by brand 2016 - Q3 2019

    • Quarterly PC shipments worldwide 2009-2020, by vendor

    • Vendors' quarterly market share of PC unit shipments worldwide 2011-2020

  • 7. Consumption
    • Computer penetration rate among households worldwide 2005-2019

    • Computer penetration rate among households in developed countries 2005-2019

    • Computer penetration rate among households in developing countries 2005-2019

    • Computer penetration rate among households in least developed countries 2005-2019

    • Access to a computer in households worldwide 2020

    • Access to a tablet in households worldwide 2020

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