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Hardware statistics The world of computing and computer hardware is a fast and ever-evolving market. The latest trends released seemingly just the other day may be outdated and obsolete after only a few years as the market continues to leap frog off the latest advancements and inventions, continually developing new products and models. According to Statista's IT Market Model, the global IT equipment market, which includes PCs and tablets, servers, and IT peripherals, had a size of 518 billion dollars in 2017.

At the top of the tech food chain are big name brands such as: Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Samsung, just to name a few, each of which generate generous profit margins thus allowing them to invest liberally in research & development programs that help them to maintain their lead in the market. Many of the leading companies in the technology field are also amongst the largest and richest companies the world overall.

Just some of the more recent trends that are anticipated to see continued growth in the future are tablets, 3D printers and wearable computing devices such as smartwatches and Google Glasses. Sales of traditional PCs and laptops have been on a gradual decline as the market becomes saturated. The same goes for the relative newcomer to the market, tablets, whose sales have also been on a downward course after peaking at 230.1 million units in 2014. The 3D printing market, also known as additive manufacturing, is expected to develop into a multi-billion dollar industry as more and more uses for this technology are discovered and as technology becomes even further intertwined in our everyday lives, the transition to wearable devices can be expected in the not so distant future.

Also belonging to the computing and hardware market is the IT peripherals market, which includes devices like PC monitors and projectors, keyboards, printers and storage units (USB sticks). The Statista IT Market Model estimated the global IT peripherals market to be 177 billion U.S. dollars in size in 2017. Printers, scanners and multi-purpose devices such as multi-function printers are the largest sub-segment of the IT peripherals market, with a forecasted value of 31 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.

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