Luxury goods market in China

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Statista Dossier on luxury goods market in China

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Value of the global personal luxury goods market 1996-2020

    • Value share of the global personal luxury goods market in 2020, by product category

    • Leading personal luxury goods markets worldwide 2020, by country

    • Share of worldwide personal luxury market in China 2012-2025

  • 2. Retail market
    • Personal luxury goods retail sales value in China 2015-2025

    • Luxury market share in China 2015-2025, by product type

    • Luxury product penetration in China 2020, by product type

    • Share of luxury consumption in China 2018-2025, by sales channel

    • Leading shopping channels for purchasing luxury goods in China 2020

  • 3. Brands
    • Leading luxury brands in China 2020, based on the Digital IQ index

    • Share of Chinese luxury consumers who know foreign brands' origin 2019, by brand

    • Important factors influencing the selection of a luxury goods brand in China 2019

    • Most favored luxury brand localization methods in China 2020

  • 4. Consumption and consumer perspective
    • Share of luxury consumers in China 2020, by age group

    • Share of luxury consumers in China 2020, by city tier

    • Spending on luxury items in China and worldwide 2008-2025

    • Household income share spent on luxury goods/services by Chinese consumers 2019

    • Most popular information channels among luxury consumers in China 2020

    • Time used to make a luxury purchase decision in China 2020

    • Attitude towards true-luxury brand collaborations with other brands in China 2019

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