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Statista Dossier on books in France

This dossier contains statistical information about the book industry and the reading habits of people in France. While the first chapter provides statistics on the book market, the rest of the study offers data about book readers: who they are, what they read, as well as how they access books.

Table of contents

  • 1. Book market
    • Number of books sold in France 2010-2018

    • Book production volume in France 2010-2018

    • Production of commercial books in France 2010-2019

    • Books: average number of copies printed in France 2010-2018

    • Book references available in France 2010-2019

    • Book references sold in France 2010-2019

    • Digital book sales value in France 2010-2018

    • Best selling books in France 2019

    • Book exports value in France 2010-2018

    • Share of translated books among marketed production of books in France 2009-2019

    • Marketed production of book translations in France 2009-2019

  • 2. Profile of book readers
    • Average number of books read by the French 2019

    • Number of digital and print books read annually in France 2021

    • Reading consumption distribution in France 2021

    • Book reading penetration in France 2021, by gender

    • Types of books read by women in France 2021

    • Type of books read by men in France 2021

  • 3. Reading habits
    • Book reading penetration in France 2021, by format

    • Most popular book genres read in France 2019

    • Reading frequency of readers in France 2021

    • Most popular book reading locations in France 2021

    • Reasons for choosing a book in France 2021

  • 4. Perception of book reading
    • Purpose of reading books in France 2021

    • Reasons for book gifting in France 2021

    • Views on the benefits of reading in France 2021

    • Reasons for reading among book readers in France 2021, by gender

    • Reasons that encourage reading more books in France 2021

  • 5. Access method to books
    • Main modes of access to books in France 2019

    • People to whom French people offer books 2019

    • Book buying: place of purchase in France 2021

    • Reasons for not buying books in bookstores in France 2021

    • Frequency of borrowing books at a library or at a media library in France 2021

    • Reasons for not borrowing books from libraries in France 2021

    • Path to purchase: choosing a book in France 2021

    • Impulse buying: book purchase incentives in France 2021

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