Television consumption in France

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Statista Dossier on television consumption in France

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Number of television sets sold in France 2016-2019

    • TV penetration in France 2015-2020, by broadcasting technology

    • Daily television viewing time in European countries 2018

    • Daily television usage penetration in European countries 2021

    • Television advertising expenditure in European countries 2019

    • TV advertising expenditure in France 2009-2018

  • 2. Consumption
    • Television set usage frequency in France 2020

    • Television reception methods in France 2018

    • Overall consumption of online TV shows in France 2011-2020

    • Distribution of online television consumption in France 2011-2020, by genre

    • Smart TV ownership in France 2018-2019

    • Ranking of the most-used smart TV features in France 2020

    • Television set usage frequency during holiday season in France 2020

    • TV set usage frequency during the holiday season due to lockdowns in France 2020

  • 3. Television channels and programs
    • TV channels available in France 2017 by genre

    • TV channels available in France 2017, by transmission type

    • Most in-demand television shows in France 2018

    • Most in-demand digital original shows in France 2020

    • Ranking of the most popular TV shows and series in France 2020

    • Broadcasting hours of reality TV programs in France 2010-2019

    • Broadcasting hours of cohabitation-type reality TV programs in France 2010-2019

  • 4. Catch-up TV
    • Catch-up TV penetration in France 2011-2020

    • Online catch-up TV penetration among men and women in France 2011-2020

    • Replay TV usage penetration in France 2011-2020, by device

    • Volume of online catch-up TV consumption monthly in France 2015-2020

    • Breakdown of replay TV usage frequency in France 2011-2020

    • Volume of replay TV video available in France 2011-2019

    • Volume of replay TV videos available online in France 2011-2019

    • Replay TV volume online in France 2011-2019, by video genre

    • Replay TV volume online in France 2011-2019, by television channel

  • 5. Video on demand
    • Ranking of video-on-demand platforms in France 2021, by usage

    • Most in-demand video streaming services in France 2017

    • TV VOD: consumer spending in France 2008-2017

    • On-demand audiovisual services in France 2017, by type

    • Video on-demand services in France 2017, by genre

    • Paid subscription to a VOD service during lockdown in France April 2020

    • Pay-per-view revenues in France 2012-2019, by fee-for-service type

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