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Books & Publishing statistics This section on books and publishing provides a thorough overview of the publishing market, from industry data on companies and revenues to information on output and consumption. The three main categories within the publishing industry are books, newspapers, and magazines.

Key industry figures: Statista offers data on the publishing industry such as overall and sector-specific revenue, including information on advertising revenue, circulation, and subscription and paywall numbers. Retail figures describing the amount of bookstores and newsstands, both physical and digital, are available on our platform, along with their revenues from the various merchandise and goods offered. Information about industry leaders in publishing and retail, such as New York Times, Guardian, Gannett, Random House, Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million is available by revenue, employment, unit sales, and number of new books or publications per year. Sales and publishing data by category or genre (such as textbooks, religion, mystery novels, non-fiction) and publication format (print, digital, audio) are also available.

Consumption of print contents: Figures on consumption of the output from the publishing industry are also collected. On our platform, Statista’s users can find out how much time people spend reading, how they acquire their books and newspapers, library usage, preferred genres and formats (such as print, digital or audio), and what devices are used to consume digital publications. Data on the circulation, penetration, and rankings of various publications are also presented.

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