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Statista dossier on the book industry and market in Spain.

This dossier contains a selection of statistics and facts covering the various aspects of the book industry in Spain as of 2014. It focuses on sales, revenue and trade in the industry, book publishers, e-books and reading habits.

Table of contents

  • 1. Sales and revenue
    • Book industry invoicing in Spain by subject 2017-2019

    • Book industry turnover in Spain 2005-2019

    • Turnover from book sales in Spain by distribution channel 2017-2019

    • Sales value of novels in Spain 2019, by type

    • Number of printed and sold books Spain 2004-2019

  • 2. Exports and imports
    • Export value from the Spanish book sector 2000-2019

    • Import value from the Spanish book sector 2000-2019

    • Breakdown of import value from the Spanish book sector 2019, by product

    • Export value from the Spanish book sector 2018-2019

    • Leading importer countries of Spanish books 2019

  • 3. Publishing and translations
    • Book publishing companies in Spain 2002-2019

    • Published book editions in Spain 1999-2019

    • Average book print run in Spain 2012-2019, by type

    • Translations of books in Spain 2013-2019

    • Translated books by original language Spain 2019

    • Average book price Spain 2013-2019

    • Mean book price Spain 2019, by category

  • 4. E-books
    • E-book industry in Spain sales value 2009-2019

    • Digital book industry turnover in Spain 2019, by sales channel

    • E-books invoicing in Spain 2019, by distribution platform

    • Digital book publication in Spain 2019-2019

    • Paper and digital books: average prices in Spain 2011-2019

  • 5. Reading habits
    • Preferred locations for reading in Spain as of December 2014

    • Frequency of reading in Spain in 2019

    • Preferred format for reading books in Spain as of December 2019

    • Usage of Spanish libraries in 2019, by frequency

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