Pharmaceutical trends in Europe

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Statista dossier on the pharmaceutical trends in Europe

This dossier on pharmaceutical trends provides an insight into the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. The pharmaceutical industry in Europe has proven to be a leader in research and development, innovation and the development of medical techniques. Included within this dossier are statistics on the self-medication industry, leading pharmaceutical companies based in Europe, clinical trials and research and development spending.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Revenue of leading European pharmaceutical markets 2019

    • Revenue of pharmaceutical markets in Central and Eastern Europe 2019

    • Pharmaceutical price structure breakdown in Europe 2018

    • VAT rate on over-the-counter drugs in Europe 2020, by country

    • VAT rate on prescription-only drugs in Europe 2020

    • European Union: share of GDP expenditure on research and development 2000-2018

    • Research and development in European pharmaceutical industry by country 2018

    • Yearly growth rate of R&D spending in pharmaceutical industry 2005-2019

    • Market share of generics in European countries 2018

  • 2. European Pharmaceutical companies
    • Leading 18 European pharmaceutical companies by retail sales 2018

    • Leading European pharmaceutical companies by R&D spending 2018

    • Members of EFPIA's pharmaceutical production value 1990-2019

    • Members of EFPIA's pharmaceutical R&D spending 1990-2019

  • 3. Self-medication market
    • Self-medication market sales in Europe in 2017, by country

    • Self-medication market sales of analgesics in Europe in 2017, by country

    • Cough and cold self-medication market sales in Europe in 2017

    • Digestives and intestinal remedies self-medication market sales in Europe 2017

    • Self-medication skin treatment product sales in Europe 2017, by country

    • Self-medication: sales of vitamins and minerals in Europe 2017

    • Market value of self-medication drugs in Italy 2014-2017

    • Sales revenue of self-care medicines in the Netherlands 2019, by purchase channel

    • Revenue of self-care medicines in supermarkets in the Netherlands 2019, by segment

  • 4. Employment
    • Employment in European pharmaceutical industry by country 2018

    • Employment in EFPIA pharmaceutical industry 1990-2019

    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing employment in the United Kingdom 2008-2018

    • Switzerland: number of employees in biotech companies 2015-2020

    • Pharmaceutical industry: number of employees in Germany 2010-2018

    • Number of employees in the pharmaceutical industry in Belgium 2014-2019

    • Number of employees of pharmaceutical companies by region France 2018

    • Number of employees in the pharmaceutical industry in Italy 2000-2019

  • 5. Clinical Trials
    • Distribution of European clinical and phase III pipeline 2013 by indication

    • Pivotal trials submitted to the European Medicines Agency from Europe 2005-2011

    • Patients in clinical trials in selected European countries 2005-2011

    • Clinical trial conduct applications in Germany 2009-2019

    • Number of clinical trials authorized in Italy 2000-2019

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