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Statista Dossier on the travel and tourism sector in Russia

This Dossier provides statistics and facts about travel and tourism in Russia. It gives an overview of the Russian travel market, including figures on international and domestic tourism, most popular destinations, as well as travel behavior of Russian travelers. Furthermore, it includes a chapter on the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the country's tourism market, including consumer plans and industry projections for 2021.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Nations with the largest international tourism expenditure 2019

    • European countries with the highest number of international tourist arrivals in 2019

    • Revenue forecast in the BRIC countries in the Travel & Tourism market in 2020

    • Tourism sector size forecast in Russia 2010-2025

    • Tourism spending in Russia 2012-2019, by travel purpose

    • Tourists growth in Russia 2019-2021, by season and destination

    • Most popular travel destinations in Russia in summer 2020

    • Most popular travel destinations in Russia in winter 2021

  • 2. Tourism industry
    • Tourism sector GDP share forecast in Russia 2010-2025

    • Travel and tourism's direct contribution to employment in Russia 2012-2019

    • Travel and tourism's total contribution to employment in Russia 2012-2019

    • Number of tourism enterprises in Russia 2019, by segment

    • Tour operator count in Russia 2010-2020, by market segment

    • Leading tour operators in Russia 2020, by outbound tourists

    • Most popular travel websites in Russia 2021, by audience

  • 3. Domestic tourism
    • Domestic travel spending in Russia 2012-2019

    • Holiday spending in summer 2020 in Russia, by selected region

    • Change in interest in hotel booking in Russia 2020, by city

    • Inbound & domestic tourism flow in Moscow 2019-2020

    • Resort services market size in Zabaykalsky Krai in Russia 2016-2020

  • 4. Inbound tourism
    • International tourist arrivals forecast in Russia 2010-2025

    • International tourism receipts forecast in Russia 2010-2025

    • Leading source markets for travel to Russia 2019-2020, by arrivals

    • Inbound tourist flow growth in Russia 2020

  • 5. Outbound tourism
    • International tourist departures forecast in Russia 2010-2025

    • International tourism expenditure forecast in Russia 2010-2025

    • Outbound tourist flow growth in Russia 2020

    • Leading outbound travel destinations in Russia 2019-2020

    • Business travel flow from Russia 2020, by country

    • Tourist flow from Russia to Tanzania 2017-2020

    • European Union (EU) Schengen visas issued in Russia 2010-2019

  • 6. COVID-19 impact
    • Tourism industry growth in Russia Q2 2020, by indicator

    • Tourism segments most affected from COVID-19 in Russia 2020

    • Fastest recovering tourism segments after COVID-19 in Russia 2020

    • Changes in tourist preferences after COVID-19 in Russia 2020

  • 7. Transportation
    • Passenger traffic growth of airlines in Russia 2020

    • Number of domestic airline passengers in Russia monthly 2020-2021

    • Railway passenger-km forecast in Russia 2010-2025

  • 8. Accommodation
    • Accommodation numbers in Russia 2007-2019

    • Number of visitors in hotels in Russia 2010-2020

    • Average daily hotel rate in Moscow and Saint Petersburg Q2 2020

  • 9. Travel behavior
    • Types of travel planned in Russia 2021

    • Summer vacation plans of Russians 2012-2020

    • Russians' predictions on foreign border opening for tourism 2020

    • Travel frequency for private purposes in Russia 2020

    • Average holiday spend per person in Russia 2011-2020

    • Attitudes towards traveling in Russia 2020

    • Travel product online bookings in Russia 2020

    • Advantages of travel agencies in Russia 2020

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