Travel and Tourism in Brazil

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Statista dossier on travel and tourism in Brazil

This dossier presents a selection of statistics and facts on travel and tourism in Brazil. It covers key economic figures, inbound and outbound tourism, the accommodation industry as well as the travel agencies and companies.

Table of contents

  • 1. Regional overview
    • Latin America: share of contribution of tourism to GDP 2019, by country

    • Latin America: internal travel and tourism consumption 2019, by country

    • Latin America: leading countries for tourism capital investment 2019

    • Leading countries in the Americas in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019

    • Latin America & Caribbean: number of natural parks 2020, by country

  • 2. Key economic figures
    • Brazil: revenue of the tourism sector 2016-2019

    • Brazil: tourism revenue 2019, by segment

    • Brazil: number of companies in the accommodation and foodservice industry 2010-2018

    • Brazil: number of employees in the tourism sector 2010-2019

    • Brazil: economic contribution of ecotourism 2018

  • 3. Inbound tourism
    • Brazil: number of foreign visitor arrivals 2010-2019

    • Brazil: number of foreign visitor arrivals 2019, by region of origin

    • Brazil: number of foreign visitor arrivals 2019, by state

    • Brazil: travel spending of foreign visitors 2010-2019, by travel purpose

    • Brazil: daily expenditure of foreign visitors per capita 2018, by travel purpose

  • 4. Outbound tourism
    • Brazil: number of outbound tourist departures 2010-2018

    • Brazil: air passenger departures 2019, by country of destination

    • Brazil: air passenger departures 2019, by region of destination

    • Brazil: visas required for passport holders 2020, by type

    • Brazil: outbound tourism spending 2010-2019, by category

  • 5. Lodging industry
    • Brazil: number of hotels, beds, and rooms available 2015-2018

    • Brazil: share of hotel rooms 2019, by hotel type

    • Brazil: hotel occupancy rate 2010-2020

    • Brazil: average daily revenue of hotels per occupied room 2010-2020

    • Brazil: hotels' revenue per available room 2010-2020

    • Brazil: top hotel brands 2019, by number of rooms

  • 6. Package holidays & travel companies
    • Brazil: package holiday market revenue 2017-2023

    • Brazil: number of travel agencies 2015-2018

    • Brazil: main tourism segments for travel agencies 2020

    • Brazil: revenue of travel agency CVC Viagens 2015-2020

    • Despegar: number of transactions 2015-2020, by market

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