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Statista dossier about R&D in the pharmaceutical industry

Table of contents

    • Total global pharmaceutical R&D spending 2012-2026

    • R&D spending growth worldwide on pharmaceuticals 2013-2026

    • Growth rate of R&D spending in pharmaceutical industry by major region 2007-2021

    • Number of drugs in the R&D pipeline worldwide 2001-2022

    • Pharma companies worldwide with active R&D pipelines 2001-2022

    • Projected most valuable R&D projects based on net present value 2021

    • R&D spending share of top pharmaceutical companies 2019 and 2026

    • Top pharmaceutical companies in R&D spending growth 2020

    • Top 50 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies by R&D intensity in 2020

    • Top pharma companies worldwide 2022, by size of R&D pipeline

    • Distribution of pharmaceutical R&D companies by region 2022

    • Top therapeutic categories worldwide 2022, by number of R&D products

    • Worldwide top diseases 2022, by number of active drugs

    • Worldwide top origins for pipeline drugs by number of active drugs 2022

    • Worldwide pipeline drugs by delivery route share 2022

    • Worldwide top drug producing mechanisms of action by number of active compounds 2022

    • R&D cost to develop new pharmaceutical compounds 2010-2020

    • 3 year average R&D cost to develop new biopharmaceutical compounds 2010-2020

    • Percentage return on R&D among large cap biopharma companies 2010-2020

    • Percentage return on R&D among mid cap biopharma companies 2013-2020

    • Total CRO market size worldwide 2015-2024

    • Global pharma CRO market size 2015-2024, by pre-clinical, clinical and discovery

    • Leading global contract research organizations based on revenue 2020

    • Clinical CRO market size worldwide 2015-2024

    • Veterinary CRO market revenues worldwide 2018-2027

    • Willingness to pay more taxes for additional medical research - U.S. adults 2019-2021

    • View of health research as a problem or solution for rising costs - U.S. adults 2020

    • Opinions on health care research spending among U.S. adults 2019-2020

    • U.S. approval of pharma companies' COVID-19 vaccine development handling 2021

    • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. liaisons/clinical engagement 2020

    • Patient reasons for participating in clinical trials globally as of 2019

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