Crime in Singapore

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Statista Dossier on crime in Singapore

Table of contents

    • Safest countries according to the World Risk Index 2021

    • Overall number of crime cases Singapore 2014-2021

    • Crime rates in Singapore 2012-2021

    • Crime rates in Singapore 2021, by type

    • Crime-free days for snatch theft, housebreaking and robbery in Singapore 2015-2021

    • Crime rate against persons in Singapore 2012-2021

    • Intentional homicide rates in Singapore 2005-2018

    • Child sexual abuse cases in Singapore 2012-2021

    • Number of outrage of modesty cases in Singapore 2013-2021

    • Number of drug abusers Singapore 2012-2021

    • Number of drug abusers Singapore 2021 by drug type

    • Breakdown of total drug abusers Singapore 2021, by age group

    • Breakdown of total drug abusers Singapore 2021, by ethnicity

    • Estimated market value of drug seizures Singapore 2012-2021

    • Violent and serious property crime cases Singapore 2012-2021

    • Commercial crime cases Singapore 2012-2021

    • Housebreaking and related crime cases Singapore 2012-2021

    • Organizations reporting economic crime in Singapore 2005-2020

    • Most prevalent economic crimes in organizations in Singapore 2020

    • Most common scams in Singapore 2021

    • Amount cheated from the most prolific types of scams in Singapore 2021

    • Cheating e-commerce cases Singapore 2014-2021

    • Amount cheated e-commerce scams Singapore 2016-2021

    • Most commonly used platforms for e-commerce scams Singapore 2021

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