Crime & Law Enforcement

The prevention of crime and the enforcement of the law is a central duty of any successful state. Countries with lower levels of crime generally have better qualities of life and typically enjoy more economic prosperity than those with higher levels. Although societies are heavily invested in reducing crime, there is no agreed way of doing this, with several different approaches worldwide. Bringing an end to coercive and unfair law enforcement practices will certainly be an important issue going forward, especially after several high-profile cases of police brutality. Crime and law enforcement is also not untouched by technological advances, and how cyber-crime is battled will also be a defining issue in the coming decades.

Number of prisoners in the United States
2.12 million
Country with lowest global peace index
Number of terrorist attacks worldwide

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Crime in the United States


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Violent Crime

Which countries have the worst murder rates?
Ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world in 2020, by murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants
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Several of the world’s most violent cities, in terms of having a high murder rate, are located in Latin America, often due to factors such as drug trafficking, gang warfare and political instability. Outside of this region, the United State also has relatively high levels of violent crime, especially when compared to neighboring Canada or European countries. In both Europe and the United States however, crime in modern times is far lower than it was in the second-half of the twentieth century,

Number of violent crimes in the United States
UK crime rate
Homicide rate in Russia

Police and law enforcement

Growing calls for police reform
Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2021, by race
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Police and law enforcement bodies are one of the most visible aspects of the state in modern societies. Used by governments to enforce the rule of law, police forces are often granted broad powers, such as the use of force, in order to protect the societies they are responsible for. Recent instances of excessive police force have ignited debates about alternatives to policing, particularly in the United States after the murder of George Floyd by arresting police officers.

Number of police officers in Great Britain
Police budget in U.S. cities
Support for police reform in the U.S

Justice System

Which country has the highest incarceration rate?
Incarceration rates in OECD countries as of May 2020
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While police are generally the front line of the criminal justice system, they exist as part of a much bigger criminal justice system, which includes, lawyers, judges, courts, and prisons. Although there are several different legal systems operating in the world, all of these systems ultimately aim to rehabilitate or punish offenders. One way of comparing justice systems across countries is through the incarceration rate, which measures what share of the total population is currently in prison.

US incarceration rate by state
Average UK prison sentences
Death rate in prison custody Australia

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This category provides statistics and facts on topics related to crime and law enforcement, including crime figures, crime rates, terrorism, and data related to law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

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More interesting topics from the industry "Crime & Law Enforcement"


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