Crime & Law Enforcement

Statistics and market data on Crime & Law Enforcement

Crime & Law Enforcement statistics This category provides statistics and facts on topics related to crime and law enforcement, including data on crime rates numbers, prisons, violence in schools, and cyber crime, among other topics.

Information on crime rates and numbers is available divided by numerous characteristics, including by year, type of crime, by relationship to offender or victim, weapons used, gender, and more. Statistics about prisons vary from ethnic distribution of inmates, to number sentenced to death each year, citizenship of inmates, number of prisoners per state or country, etc.

Controversial subjects that may or may not be dealt with in the legal realm, depending on local law, can also be found in this category. Statistics on and opinions about abortion, marijuana and other drugs, and marriage are also in this section. Firearms and background checks are included in the category of crime and law enforcement, along with gangs and some aspects of corruption. One can also find statistics on cyber crime, its costs, and its sources here.

School-related violence and crimes involving minors are also included in this section. Particular topics include child abuse, drug use among minors, suicide, and weapons handling. Cyber-bullying is dealt with in this section, as well as in the Internet category.

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