Crime in Ghana

Crime in Ghana
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Statista Dossier on crime in Ghana

Table of contents

    • Crime index in Ghana 2014-2022

    • Crime index in Accra, Ghana 2014-2022

    • Monthly crime cases reported in Ghana 2020-2021

    • Share of offensive weapons and tools used in violent crimes in Ghana 2020, by type

    • Risk index score of money laundering and terrorist financing in Ghana 2012-2021

    • Rate of homicide in Ghana 2008-2017

    • Number of violent civilian attacks recorded in Ghana 2017-2022

    • Number of riots recorded in Ghana 2017-2022

    • Number of battles recorded in Ghana 2017-2022

    • Terrorism index in Ghana 2014-2019

    • Risk of genocide in Ghana 2017-2022

    • Number of victims of trafficking in persons in Ghana 2017-2018

    • Number of people prosecuted for trafficking in persons in Ghana 2017-2018

    • Corruption perception index ranking in Ghana 2011-2021

    • Opinions on the level of corruption in public institutions in Ghana 2008-2019

    • Share of people who paid a bribe for public services in Ghana 2017-2019

    • Share of women who were married before age 15 in Ghana 2018

    • Women who underwent female genital mutilation in Ghana 2018, by procedure

    • Attitudes toward domestic violence against women in Ghana 2018, by gender

    • Child labor in Ghana 2018, by type & age group

    • Share of caretakers who believe in physical punishment among children in Ghana 2018

    • Number of police arrests reported in Ghana 2021

    • Number of prisoners in Ghana 2000-2018

    • Number of female prisoners in Ghana 2000-2019

    • Prison population rate in Ghana 2000-2018

    • Number of prisoners on remand in Ghana 2001-2021

    • Economic cost of violence in Ghana 2017-2020

    • Economic cost of violence as a share of GDP in Ghana 2017-2020

    • Economic impact of violence in Ghana 2010-2020

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