Work from home & remote work

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Statista dossier on work from home & remote work

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Time spent working remotely prior to COVID-19 2020

    • Benefits to remote work 2020

    • Workplace's stance on remote work 2020

    • Global CEO perspective on future impacts of external forces on enterprises in 2020

    • COVID-19 pandemic's effect on tech employees productivity levels with WFH 2020

    • Performance in remote work setting in the United States 2021

    • Most common shadow IT usage by employees 2020, by category

  • 2. Employer perspective
    • Global telework state and trend COVID 2020-2021

    • Benefits of working remote to employers 2020

    • United States executives plan investments to support hybrid work 2021, by category

    • Worldwide CEO perspective on organization strategy 2020, by category

    • Most difficult decisions for enterprise exucutives worldwide 2020, by category

    • Organization productivity change due to remote working worldwide Q3 2020, by function

    • Executives' opinion on remote work and company culture in the United States 2020

    • Remote work success in the United States according to employers and employees 2020

  • 3. Employee perspective
    • Remote work priorities for employees worldwide 2020, by category

    • Possibilities for technologies improving the work environment 2020, by category

    • Struggles with working remotely 2020-2021

    • Attitudes on remote working in companies worldwide 2020-2021

    • Employees who felt micromanaged when remote working worldwide 2020, by country

    • Benefits to working remotely 2020-2021

    • Employee expectations of what should be provided when remote working worldwide 2020

    • Remote work support effect on employees worldwide 2020

    • Employee perceived benefits of telework in Europe 2020

  • 4. Companies
    • Cloud infrastructure services market share quarterly worldwide 2017-2021, by vendor

    • Global conferencing SaaS revenue by vendor 2018-2020

    • Unified communications & collaboration market share worldwide Q2 to Q4'20, by vendor

    • Office productivity software market share worldwide 2021

    • Microsoft's productivity and business processes revenue worldwide FY 2015-2021

    • Price of Zoom's shares 2020-2021

    • Global Video conferencing equipment market revenue 2019-2020, by vendor

    • Office suites market share in U.S. 2020

  • 5. Special focus: Technology resources
    • Global technologies with a positive impact on work 2020

    • Post-COVID-19 IT related actions worldwide 2020, by category

    • Global impact on digital transformation speed due to COVID-19 2020, by country

    • Usage of digital documentation tools 2020, by department

    • Expectations for future digital workflow in North America and Europe 2020

    • Possibilities for improving remote work video meetings worldwide 2020, by category

    • Global businesses' investment on information technology to support remote work 2021

    • Benefits of digital document processes and tools in North America and Europe 2020

    • Communication resources provided to employees during COVID-19 2020

    • Devices provided by businesses to support flexible working in Europe 2020

  • 6. Outlook
    • Potential remote work model in the United States in 2020, by sector

    • Percentage of workforce staying in remote setting post-COVID 2020

    • B2B tech spending forecast in 2021, by products and services

    • Required changes to workplace settings to return workers on-site worldwide 2020

    • United States executives plan investments to support hybrid work 2021, by category

    • Global CEO perspective on future impacts of external forces on enterprises in 2020

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