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Statista Dossier on global emissions

Table of contents

    • Global cumulative CO2 emissions 1750-2020, by region

    • Global cumulative CO2 emission shares by region 1750-2020

    • Cumulative CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion worldwide 1750-2020, by country

    • Global cumulative CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and land use 1850-2021, by country

    • Global atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide 1959-2021

    • Global greenhouse gas emissions 1990-2018

    • Annual global emissions of carbon dioxide 1940-2020

    • Largest global emitters of carbon dioxide by country 2020

    • Global CO2 emissions by select country 2010-2020

    • Global CO₂ emissions per capita 1960-2020

    • Global CO2 emissions per person 2020, by country

    • Global methane emissions 2018, by leading country

    • Global greenhouse gas emissions shares 2018, by sector

    • Global greenhouse gas emissions shares 2018, by sub sector

    • Global distribution of CO2 emissions 2020, by sector

    • Global CO2 emissions 2020, by sector

    • CO2 emissions from coal use worldwide 1960-2020, by select country

    • Global cement manufacturing CO2 emissions 1990-2020, by country

    • Food system GHG emissions worldwide, by segment

    • Average PM2.5 levels in most polluted countries worldwide 2020-2021

    • Average PM2.5 levels in the most polluted capital cities worldwide 2019-2021

    • Annual PM2.5 pollutant reductions in selected cities worldwide 2019-2020

    • Nitrogen oxide emissions worldwide 2019, by select country

    • Global deaths due to air pollution 2019, by type

    • Global deaths caused by air pollution 2019, by country

    • Projected change in CO2 emissions worldwide 2021, by select country

    • Projected global greenhouse gas emissions 2030, by scenario

    • Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets 2030, by country

    • Total carbon dioxide emissions worldwide 2000-2050, by region

    • Forecast carbon offset prices 2030-2050, by scenario

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