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Statista Dossier on the global retail industry

Table of contents

    • World: retail sales 2020-2025

    • World: retail sales growth 2022-2025

    • Estimated value of global retail sales 2021-2025, by sales channel

    • Global retail e-commerce sales 2014-2025

    • Retail e-commerce sales growth worldwide 2017-2025

    • E-commerce as share of total retail sales worldwide 2015-2025

    • E-commerce share of retail by region in 2020 with a forecast for 2025

    • United States: total retail sales in the United States 1992-2021

    • Retail trade sales trend in the European Union (EU-27) 2003-2021

    • Retail trade sales growth in Europe 2021, by country

    • Retail revenue in China 2010-2020

    • Retail market size in Japan 2011-2020

    • India: retail market value India 2018-2026

    • Latin America: retail sales value 2017-2022

    • World: retail market attractiveness of selected countries 2021

    • World: leading retailers 2020, by retail revenue

    • World: retail revenue CAGR of top retailers FY2015-FY2020

    • World: leading retailers 2027, by forecast total chain retail sales

    • World: number of stores of the leading retailers 2020

    • World: value of the top retail brands 2021

    • Leading global retailers based on market cap as of Q4 2021

    • Worldwide grocery sales in 2021 and 2026, by channel

    • CAGR of the global retail sector 2021-2026, by product category

    • Channel share of the store-based grocery sales worldwide 2021-2026

    • Health, beauty and personal care: estimated global sales value 2021-2026, by channel

    • Household and pet care: estimated global sales value 2021-2026, by channel

    • Global electricals, office, leisure, and entertainment sales 2021-2026

    • Leading electronics, office, and leisure retailers worldwide 2021-2026, by sales

    • Favorite buying methods by generation worldwide 2021

    • Share of e-commerce companies planning to sell via social media 2021

    • Financing of retail technology deals worldwide 2015-2021

    • Investment in AR/VR technology worldwide in 2024, by use case

    • Reasons for purchasing sustainable products in selected countries worldwide in 2021

    • Leading reasons to buy sustainable products worldwide 2021

    • Brand attributes that are important to consumers worldwide 2020

    • Grocery choices based on sustainability in selected countries worldwide in 2021

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