Migration routes to Italy

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Statista Dossier about migration routes to Italy

Table of contents

    • Number of immigrants arrived by sea and by land in Europe 2021, by country of arrival

    • Immigrants arrived by sea and by land in Europe 2018-2021, by country of arrival

    • Number of illegal border crossings in the European Union 2020, by route

    • European Union migration flow by main routes 2014-2020

    • Number of illegal crossings of the Central Mediterranean route to the EU 2009-2020

    • Number of illegal border-crossing to the EU 2020, by country of origin

    • Number of migrant return decisions by the European Union (EU) 2011-2020

    • Number of refusals of entry to the European Union (EU) 2009-2020

    • Number of illegal stays in the European Union (EU) 2009-2020

    • Migrant arrivals in Italy 2014-2021

    • Number of smugglers arrested in Italy 2017-2021

    • Most frequent immigrant nationalities declared upon arrival in Italy 2021

    • Third-country nationals found to be illegally present in Italy 2012-2020

    • Third-country nationals enforced to leave Italy 2014-2020

    • Attempted crossings in the Mediterranean 2019-2021

    • Rescues and interceptions of migrants in Libyan SRR 2021, by type of actor

    • Number of migrant interceptions in the Mediterranean Sea 2021, by authority

    • Migrants being returned to Libya while trying to reach Europe 2019-2021

    • Migrant interceptions at sea by North African authorities 2019-2021

    • Deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea 2014-2021

    • Number of recorded deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea 2019-2021, by origin

    • Deaths of migrants on the Western Mediterranean Route 2014-2021

    • Deaths of migrants on the Eastern Mediterranean Route 2014-2021

    • Deaths of migrants on the Central Mediterranean Route 2014-2021

    • Main causes of migrants' deaths in the Mediterranean Sea 2021

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