Migration in France

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Statista dossier on migration in France

Table of contents

  • 1. Demographic overview
    • Net migration in France 2008-2020

    • Foreign-born population of France 2009-2020

    • Share of immigrants in France 2017, by region

    • Immigrants in France 2020, by geographical origin

    • Share of immigrants who arrived in France 2020, by continent of birth

    • Number of immigrant arrivals in France 2004-2019

  • 2. Labor
    • Share of the working population in France 2019, by immigration status

    • Share of immigrants in the workforce in France 2018, by socio-professional category

    • Share of unemployed people in France 2006-2019, by immigration status

    • Unemployment rate in France 2018, by nationality and gender

    • Employment rate in France 2010-2019, by migration background

    • Level of education of immigrants in France 2020, by geographic origin

  • 3. Naturalisation and expulsion
    • Number of citizenship acquisitions in France 1999-2020

    • Total number of naturalizations in France 1999-2020

    • People obtaining French citizenship through marriage 2012-2020

    • Types of returns of foreigners in irregular situation in France 2009-2019

    • First residence permits in France 2020, by reason

  • 4. The refugee crisis
    • Applications for asylum in France 2008-2019

    • Number of accepted grants of asylum in France 2008-2020

    • Distribution of migrants granted refugee status in France 2020, by origin

    • First asylum applications in France 2020, by country of origin

    • Accepted asylum applicants in France 2014-2020

  • 5. Public opinion
    • Share of people in favor of a referendum to limit immigration in France 2021, by age

    • Share of French people in favor of a referendum to limit immigration 2021, by party

    • Support of voting rights in local elections for foreigners living in France 1994-2021

    • Support for voting rights in local elections for foreigners living in France 2021

    • Opinion of the French on whether or not to maintain family reunification 2016-2020

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