The COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic
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Statista dossier on the COVID-19 pandemic

Table of contents

    • Infection rates of viruses that caused major outbreaks worldwide as of 2020

    • Fatality rate of major virus outbreaks in the last 50 years as of 2020

    • Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, recoveries, and deaths worldwide as of Feb. 28, 2023

    • New cases of COVID-19 worldwide from January 23, 2020 to February 26, 2023, by day

    • Cumulative cases of COVID-19 worldwide from Jan. 22, 2020 to Feb. 26, 2023, by day

    • Number of COVID-19 cases and deaths as of February 21, 2023, by region

    • COVID-19 cases worldwide as of February 28, 2023, by country or territory

    • Distribution of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide as of December 22, 2022

    • COVID-19 deaths worldwide as of February 28, 2023, by country and territory

    • COVID-19 cases and deaths per million in 210 countries as of July 13, 2022

    • COVID-19 cases, recoveries, deaths in most impacted countries as of February 28, 2023

    • Rate of COVID-19 cases in most impacted countries worldwide as of December 22, 2022

    • COVID-19 cases and deaths among hardest hit countries worldwide as of Nov. 14, 2022

    • COVID-19 death rates in 2020 countries worldwide as of April 26, 2022

    • COVID-19 vaccine doses administered worldwide as of February 28, 2023, by country

    • COVID-19 vaccine dose rate worldwide by select country or territory February 20, 2023

    • COVID-19 vaccine doses administered worldwide 2021, by country income group

    • Share of population covered under COVID vaccine contracts as of Mar. 2021, by country

    • Number of COVID-19 drugs in development worldwide by phase June 2022

    • Top companies by COVID-19 treatment vaccines in development June 2022

    • Bestselling COVID-19 vaccines and drugs worldwide in 1st HY 2021

    • Leading health problems worldwide 2021

    • Share of individuals most worried about COVID-19 in their country 2022 by country

    • People affected by COVID-19 pandemic in G7 countries 2021, by country

    • Level of concern regarding the COVID-19 situation by country as of Mar. 12 2020

    • Expected length of COVID-19 outbreak worldwide as Mar. 12 2020, by country

    • Global opinions on restrictions not stopping COVID-19 as of Mar. 21, 2020, by country

    • Satisfaction with the government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic 2020

    • COVID-19 pandemic's level of impact on personal finances in selected countries 2020

    • Losing income due to the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic 2020

    • Receiving financial support by government due to the COVID-19 / corona pandemic 2020

    • COVID-19 vaccine uncertainty reasons reported by adults worldwide 2021, by country

    • Share of adults unwilling to get a COVID vaccine worldwide Mar.-Sep. 2021, by country

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