State of Health

Health became a major issue worldwide in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic reminded the world once more of the dangers of diseases and health risk factors, as well as the value of prevention measures and effective treatment. Moreover, the pandemic also highlighted the importance of mental health, as people around the world struggled with the anxiety, stress, and depression brought upon by the pandemic and the isolation from lockdowns. The health issues that the coronavirus has raised will continue long after the pandemic has been controlled. It will be up to the world to remember these lessons and to practice, promote, and maintain health and wellbeing.

Leading cause of death worldwide
Ischemic heart disease
Vaccine with the highest coverage worldwide
Share of U.S. adults who are obese


The impact of diseases
Percentage of leading 10 causes of death worldwide in 2019
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Broadly, diseases in humans can refer to any condition that causes pain, discomfort, distress, or death. The main disease types include infectious diseases, deficiency diseases, hereditary diseases, and physiological diseases. However, diseases are often classified simply as communicable and non-communicable. Although the impact of a specific disease depends on the country, region, and population, some of the most common diseases worldwide include cancer, heart diseases, and depression.

Cardiovascular disease in the U.S.

Mental health & substance abuse

Diseases of the mind
Percentage of the global population that suffers from select mental health or substance use disorders as of 2019
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Although sometimes not as noticeable as other diseases, mental health problems are widespread around the world. Mental disorders impact millions of people, and the most common types include anxiety disorders and mood disorders, such as depression. Treatments for mental health issues include therapy, counseling, support groups, medication, and hospitalization. However, access to mental health services remains a problem in many countries.

U.S. mental health issues
Depression in the U.S.
Drug situation in Europe


The first line of defense
Global vaccination rates among one-year-olds regarding selected vaccines* from 1980 to 2019
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Although some diseases cannot be prevented, many are caused by risk behaviors. Therefore, the risk of certain diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, can be minimized through such actions as healthy eating, exercising, not smoking, and having recommended screenings. Receiving recommended vaccinations is also one of the best ways to prevent some common and deadly diseases. Through vaccinations, diseases such as polio and measles are no longer problems in many parts of the world.

Health risk factors in the U.S.
Vaccinations in Europe
Contraception in the U.S.

Therapy & treatment

The never-ending battle
Distribution of organ transplants worldwide in 2019, by organ type
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Although medicine has improved greatly in recent decades, certain diseases still lack effective treatment, and access remains a relevant issue in many parts of the world. Treatments can include various types of therapies, surgery, and medicine. When a disease cannot be cured, treatment helps to control the disease and its symptoms.

Type of professional seen among U.S. adults with a major depressive episode
Percentage change in hospital admission reasons due to COVID-19 in Canada
U.S. most common major ambulatory surgeries performed in hospital facilities

Industry Definition

The state of a person’s health describes the general condition of their mind and body. One’s state of health may be negatively impacted by disease or mental illness, and their race, ethnicity, gender, and income level may contribute to their health risks. Behavioral factors, such as smoking and unhealthy eating, can also impact one’s health and lead to an increased risk of disease. Although therapies and treatments have greatly improved, access to them remains a real problem, and not every disease can be effectively managed. Therefore, prevention of disease and health risks, for example through healthy living, early detection, and vaccination, remains essential in maintaining the health of populations.

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More interesting topics from the industry "State of Health"



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