Diversity and equality in European companies

A Statista DossierPlus on diverse and inclusive workplaces in Austrian, British, French, German, and Swiss companies


Employee satisfaction

  • Likelihood of recommending employer
  • Satisfaction with employer’s diversity policy
  • Leading industries regarding satisfaction with employer’s diversity policy

Gender equality
  • Perception of gender equality
  • Gender pay gap
  • Leading industries regarding gender equality

Ethnic equality
  • Perception of ethnic equality
  • Ethnic equality in the application process
  • Leading industries regarding ethnic equality

Disability equality
  • Perception of disability equality
  • Adjustments to increase accessibility for those disabled
  • Leading industries regarding disability equality

Age equality
  • Perception of age equality
  • Age equality in training and promotional opportunities
  • Leading industries regarding age equality

LGBTQ+ equality
  • Perception of LGBTQ+ equality
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity’s affect career progression
  • Leading industries regarding LGBTQ+ equality

Summary and outlook

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