Container technology

Container technology
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Statista Dossier on container technology

Table of contents

    • Public cloud services market size 2017-2023

    • Global cloud spending growth in IT vertical 2020, by segment

    • Global application container market revenue 2018-2021

    • Container management market size globally 2020 and 2024

    • Cloud native use cases within organizations worldwide 2022

    • Organizational investments in container platforms worldwide 2022

    • Platform usage for running containers in public cloud worldwide 2022, by platform

    • Public and hosted container registry distribution worldwide 2020, by platform

    • Organizations' container platform infrastructure worldwide 2019-2022, by type

    • Container orchestrator usage in Europe and United States 2021, by orchestrator

    • Market share of leading containerization technologies worldwide 2022

    • Funding raised by Docker, Inc. worldwide 2011-2022

    • Funding raised by HashiCorp worldwide 2011-2020

    • Funding raised by StackRox worldwide 2017-2020

    • Use of container technologies in organizations worldwide 2016-2021, by stage

    • Global container technology usage amount by organizations 2016-2020

    • Global enterprise container technology adoption phase 2021, by region

    • Global container technology adoption phase 2020, by industry

    • Containerization in organizations worldwide 2021 & 2022

    • Top benefits and advantages of container technology 2022

    • Global perceptions of microservices users in organizations 2021

    • Global container technology challenges for organizations 2022

    • Global challenges to adopting or expanding microservice use 2021

    • Kubernetes adoption level in organizations worldwide 2022

    • Primary reasons for using Kubernetes in organizations worldwide 2021

    • Primary Kubernetes platform usage worldwide 2022, by provider

    • Global public cloud provider developer-friendly environment for Kubernetes 2021

    • Global public cloud provider reliability for running Kubernetes 2021, by provider

    • Global usage of observability platforms for Kubernetes container technology 2021

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