Employment in the IT industry

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Statista dossier about employment in the IT industry

Table of contents

    • Global IT spending forecast 2012-2023, by segment

    • Changes in investments in IT staffing worldwide 2021

    • Expectations for IT budget/headcount increases worldwide 2020, by sector

    • Most popular IT skills worldwide 2022

    • Fastest growing IT skills on DevSkiller Talent Score 2021

    • Software developers' main challenges at work 2022

    • Software developer engagement rate of popular technologies worldwide 2021

    • Global formal education levels of software developers 2021

    • Global length of time developers have spent on coding 2021

    • Global: Most sought-after cloud platform among developers 2021

    • COVID-19 impact on software developers' work or study worldwide 2021

    • Number of cybersecurity professionals worldwide 2021, by country

    • Global shortage of cybersecurity skills 2021, by tech category

    • Stressful aspects of cybersecurity professionals' careers worldwide 2021

    • Working relationship between cybersecurity & other departments worldwide 2021

    • Cybersecurity workforce in the United States 2020-2032

    • Average software developer remuneration globally 2021, by role

    • Programming languages with the highest salaries 2021

    • Global technologist salary development 2021, by role

    • Average annual software developer salaries 2021, by country

    • Latin America: software developers' salaries 2021, by country

    • Global tech job supply-demand balance 2019-2021, by country

    • Actions to support global IT workforce worldwide 2022

    • Plans to recruit information technology developers in 2022

    • Struggles to recruit information technology staff in 2022, by IT role

    • Global IT professional expertise levels for hiring 2021, by specialization

    • IT&C employment in the UK 2017-2021, by quarter

    • Numbers of IT specialist managers in the United Kingdom (UK) 2011-2021

    • COVID-19: Impact on men and women working in tech companies 2021

    • Gender distribution among software developer worldwide 2021

    • Distribution of women in tech organizations 2021, by selected countries

    • Distribution of women and ethnic minorities in tech organizations 2021

    • Game developer distribution worldwide 2014-2021, by gender

    • Women in tech: Common barriers to promotion 2021, by race

    • U.S. information sector: number of employees 2010-2022

    • U.S. information sector: number of people hired 2001-2021

    • Salaries in the IT industry in the United States 2021, by type of job

    • Average tech salaries in the U.S. 2021, by tech hub

    • Worker gender split in the U.S. tech sector 2021, by state

    • Share of minority group computer occupation workers in the U.S. 2020

    • U.S. women in computing-related occupations 2000-2021

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