Employment in the IT industry

Statistics report about employment in the IT industry

Employment in the IT industry

This report contains a range of selected facts and statistics about employment in the IT industry, underlining the most important figures concerning salaries and workforce. The report outlines specific IT employment segments, such as software developers and cyber security professionals. Last but not least, the last two chapters have a special focus on work diversity and gender gap in the IT sector, as well as an overview of the IT employment in the United States.

Table of contents


  • Premium Statistic Global IT spending forecast 2012-2024, by segment
  • Premium Statistic Expectations for IT budget increases worldwide 2022, by sector
  • Premium Statistic Tech startup layoffs worldwide 2020-2022, by industry
  • Premium Statistic Measures taken by global organization to create a positive work culture 2022
  • Premium Statistic Impact experienced by security professionals because of the war in Ukraine 2022

Segment: Software developers

  • Premium Statistic Tech skills that developers would like to acquire worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Global formal education levels of software developers 2023
  • Premium Statistic Length of time developers have spent on coding globally 2023
  • Premium Statistic Software developer engagement rate of popular technologies worldwide 2022
  • Premium Statistic Software developers' main challenges at work 2022

Segment: Cyber security professionals

  • Premium Statistic Cybersecurity workforce gap worldwide 2022, by region
  • Premium Statistic Cybersecurity gap assessment worldwide 2022, by country
  • Premium Statistic Global expected change in cybersecurity staffing levels 2020-2022
  • Premium Statistic Global reasons why cybersecurity professionals left their previous job 2022
  • Premium Statistic Number of cybersecurity professionals worldwide 2022, by country
  • Premium Statistic Most demanded cybersecurity jobs worldwide 2022
  • Premium Statistic Most difficult cybersecurity roles to fill worldwide 2023

Segment: Employer perspective

  • Premium Statistic In demand technical positions by recruiters worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Most demanded tech skills worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Top programming languages demanded by recruiters worldwide 2022
  • Premium Statistic Most difficult technical positions to recruit worldwide 2023, by IT role

Segment: Salary

  • Premium Statistic Average software developer remuneration globally 2023, by role
  • Premium Statistic Average salary in the cybersecurity industry worldwide 2022, by educational level
  • Premium Statistic Median salary in the cybersecurity industry 2022, by region
  • Premium Statistic Programming languages with the highest salaries 2023

Segment: Workforce

  • Premium Statistic Global tech job supply-demand balance 2020-2022, by country
  • Premium Statistic IT professionals' focus areas for career growth worldwide 2022
  • Basic Statistic Plans to recruit information technology developers 2023
  • Premium Statistic Top factors contributing to recruiting and retention challenges in the U.S. 2023
  • Premium Statistic Planned changes to investment in IT staffing worldwide 2022

Special focus: Diversity

  • Premium Statistic Global companies' top challenges concerning IT employment diversity 2023
  • Premium Statistic Most gender diverse countries related to cybersecurity professionals 2022
  • Premium Statistic Least gender diverse countries related to cybersecurity professionals 2022
  • Premium Statistic Gender distribution among software developer worldwide 2022
  • Basic Statistic Game developer distribution worldwide 2014-2021, by gender
  • Premium Statistic Difference in salaries offered to men and women in the tech industry 2019-2021
  • Premium Statistic Share of female leaders in global tech companies 2015-2022
  • Premium Statistic Share of women applicants in tech worldwide 2015-2021, by technology-focused job

Special focus: IT employment in the U.S.

  • Premium Statistic Number of employees in the U.S. information sector 2010-2023
  • Premium Statistic U.S. information sector: number of people hired 2001-2022
  • Premium Statistic U.S. information sector: unemployment rate 2010-2022
  • Premium Statistic Cybersecurity workforce in the United States 2020-2033
  • Premium Statistic Average tech salaries in the U.S. 2022, by programming skill
  • Basic Statistic Share of minority group computer occupation workers in the U.S. 2021

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