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Statista dossier about the software development market

This dossier presents a range of statistics and facts about the current market for software developers. The dossier provides an overview of the market and also looks at trends the trends and demographics of various segments of software development, including mobile, game, and cloud development.

Table of contents

  • 1. Market outlook
    • Enterprise software total worldwide expenditure 2009-2020

    • Global mobile app revenue 2021, by category

    • Total global mobile app revenues 2014-2023

    • Annual number of global mobile app downloads 2014-2023, by region

    • Most popular Apple App Store categories 2019

    • Number of new apps/games submitted to the iTunes store per month 2012-2018

    • Leading states by application spending in U.S. 2016

    • State economy benefit from software R&D investment in the U.S. 2016, by key state

    • Leading states by application development/deployment spending in U.S. 2016

  • 2. Software development
    • Software development testing tools used worldwide 2017

    • Tools regularly used for software development worldwide 2018

    • Programming languages used for software development worldwide 2018

    • DevOps adoption among software developers globally 2017-2018

    • Typical and desired software build deployment frequencies worldwide 2018

    • Software development operating system distribution globally 2018

    • Types of browsers used for web application testing globally 2015-2018

    • Use of agile development and continuous integration by software devs globally 2015-18

    • Hours spent coding weekly worldwide 2018

  • 3. Internet of Things development
    • Rank of platforms for IoT projects worldwide 2017

    • Global developer plans around connected devices/IoT software worldwide 2016

    • Developers creating connected devices/IoT software by segment worldwide 2016

    • Share of developers creating connected devices/IoT software 2016, by region

    • Top cloud services used for Internet of Things projects 2016, overall vs deployed

    • Top cloud services used for Internet of Things projects 2016

  • 4. Cloud and big data development
    • Cloud configuration tools usage 2018

    • Current and planned cloud computing configuration tools usage 2019

    • Planned cloud computing configuration tools usage among enterprises 2019

    • Current and planned cloud computing configuration tools usage among SMBs 2019

    • Cloud-based test environment use for IT QA and security testing worldwide 2015-2017

  • 5. Containers and OpenStack development
    • OpenStack forecast market size worldwide 2014-2021

    • OpenStack public cloud market size worldwide 2016-2021

    • Container and PaaS tools used with OpenStack worldwide 2018, by purpose

    • Drivers of OpenStack business adoption worldwide 2018

    • Tools for deploying/configuring OpenStack clusters worldwide 2017, by purpose

    • Container technology use among organizations worldwide 2017

    • IT Container use cases in organizations worldwide 2018-2019

    • IT container deployment platforms in organizations worldwide 2018

    • Primary container orchestration tool choice among organizations 2018

  • 6. Mobile app development
    • Most-used mobile app monetization models of developers 2017

    • Leading mobile app SDK categories worldwide 2017

    • Mobile and multi-channel application testing challenges 2013-2018

    • Mobile application testing focus areas 2013-2017

    • Number of apps installed by U.S. mobile users 2017

    • US/Canada mobile app development costs by platform 2017

    • Mobile apps: user retention rate 2012-2019

    • Mobile apps: abandonment rate 2012-2019

  • 7. Game development
    • Game developers working on projects for selected platforms worldwide 2019

    • Game developers working on selected genres worldwide 2017, by employment type

    • Game developer employment status worldwide 2015-2017

    • Game developer distribution worldwide 2014-2017, by gender

    • Game developer distribution worldwide 2017, by region

    • Game developer distribution worldwide 2017, by age

    • Top advertising SDKs used by Android gaming and non-gaming apps 2017

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