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Statista Dossier about the software development market

Table of contents

    • Enterprise software total worldwide expenditure 2009-2023

    • Global enterprise application software revenue 2017-2025

    • Software market revenue worldwide 2016-2027, by segment

    • Mobile apps consumer spend Q1 2022

    • Quarterly consumer spend on mobile apps per user 2019-2022

    • Number of iOS and Google Play app downloads as of Q2 2022

    • Number of apps available in leading app stores Q2 2022

    • Software development methodologies practiced worldwide 2022

    • Most widely utilized programming languages among developers worldwide 2022

    • Programming languages with the highest salaries 2022

    • Global: Most utilized cloud platform by developers 2022

    • Global: Most sought-after cloud platform among developers 2022

    • Most utilized frameworks among developers worldwide 2022

    • Most commonly used database technologies among developers worldwide 2022

    • Most popular web frameworks among developers worldwide 2022

    • Market share of leading containerization technologies worldwide 2022

    • Global reasons for moving applications into containers 2022

    • Kubernetes adoption level in organizations worldwide 2022

    • Primary reasons for using Kubernetes in organizations worldwide 2021

    • Primary Kubernetes platform usage worldwide 2022, by provider

    • Global breakdown of OpenStack deployments 2021

    • Interest in emerging/new technologies to integrate with OpenStack 2021

    • Container and PaaS tools used with OpenStack worldwide 2021

    • Most used operating system globally for OpenStack cloud deployments 2021

    • Software development mobile operating system distribution globally 2021

    • Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by developers worldwide 2019-2021

    • Number of applications submitted to the iTunes App Store 2017-2022

    • Global iOS app retention rate Q3 2021

    • App tracking transparency: opt-in rate of iOS users worldwide 2022

    • Total Apple App Store iOS developer payout 2014-2022

    • Global game developers working on projects for selected platforms 2022

    • Global game developers level of interest in selected platforms 2022

    • Global game developers working on projects for select VR/AR platforms 2022

    • Game developer employment types worldwide 2021

    • Game developer employment status worldwide 2015-2021

    • Game developer distribution worldwide 2014-2021, by gender

    • Video game developer distribution worldwide 2021, by ethnicity

    • Game developer distribution worldwide 2021, by region

    • Average software developer remuneration globally 2022, by role

    • Global length of time developers have spent on coding 2022

    • Gender distribution among software developer worldwide 2022

    • Global formal education levels of software developers 2022

    • Software developer engagement rate of popular technologies worldwide 2022

    • Software developer engagement level of emerging technologies worldwide 2022

    • COVID-19 impact on software developers' work or study worldwide 2021

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